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Xbox Game Pass Is Losing Its Own Exclusive Quantum Break Soon [Update]

One of Microsoft's own exclusive titles is getting the boot.


Xbox Game Pass is losing an exclusive game soon, as Quantum Break is listed in the "Leaving Soon" section of the Game Pass app alongside six other titles that are set for removal. Eurogamer spotted the listing, and GameSpot has seen it as well. [Update: The removal is due to a licensing issue, and Quantum Break will return to Game Pass.]

Games get removed from the Game Pass library on a regular schedule, but Quantum Break's upcoming removal is noteworthy because it's a console exclusive Xbox game. Developed by Alan Wake studio Remedy, the game was released in 2016 at a time when Microsoft was pushing into the area of TV programming.

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The game, which features actors Shawn Ashmore, Aiden Gillan, Dominic Monaghan, and the late Lance Reddick, featured both gameplay and live-action sequences. It's not the Xbox exclusive game to leave Game Pass, though, as Microsoft has removed Forza titles previously. However, those titles were removed due to music licensing reasons. Exactly why Quantum Break is getting cut is unclear.

In any event, the other titles listed in the "Leaving Soon" page on the Game Pass app include The Riftbreaker, Moonglow Bay, Rainbow Six Extraction, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos, Life is Strange: True Colors, and The Long Dark.

Although the calendar has rolled over to April, Microsoft has not yet announced the first batch of new additions and removals for Game Pass for the month. We do know, however, that Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming April 12 with a big new update to mark its launch on Xbox following a year of console exclusivity for PlayStation. In other news, Microsoft is no longer offering $1 Xbox Game Pass trials.

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