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Xbox Game Pass Is Getting A Price Increase And Introducing A New Tier

Existing members are grandfathered into Game Pass for Console.


Microsoft has revealed some upcoming changes to Xbox Game Pass, including raising the price of several tiers, the introduction of a new one, and the closure of another.

Starting July 10, Xbox Game Pass for Console will not be available for new members only, but those who are currently subscribed will be grandfathered into this tier, with its existing access to Day One releases, including first-party Microsoft exclusives. Instead, new members will be able to access Xbox Game Pass Standard for $15 per month. However, it will not include perks such as Day One releases, access to EA Play, Game Pass for PC, and cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate's offerings will remain unchanged, but will be seeing a price increase from $17 per month to $20 per month. Xbox Game Pass Core is also getting a price increase, with its annual charge of $60 increasing to $75. However, the monthly price will remain $10. The price for PC Game Pass will increase from $10 per month to $12 per month, but will still have Day One releases. All of these price changes will take place starting on September 12.

Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass for Console codes will remain redeemable until further notice. On September 18, users will only be able to stack their subscriptions for up to 13 months. However, this won't affect any existing stacks that users may already have.

Microsoft recently revealed that this year's upcoming Call of Duty game, Black Ops 6, will be included in Game Pass on release day. Microsoft also said that it won't be locked behind a new tier. Technically, Microsoft is staying true to its word since Ultimate is not a "new" tier, but Black Ops 6 won't be available for Game Pass Standard.

So if you're already not subscribed to Game Pass for Console and grandfathered in, you'll have to be part of the Ultimate tier to play it on release day through the subscription.

Why is Game Pass's price increasing?

Microsoft has not released any kind of statement regarding the Xbox Game Pass price increase, but analysts and experts from the video game industry have weighed in to explain why they believe Microsoft raised prices.

Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners said Microsoft raised prices because Game Pass subscriber growth on console has stalled.

"One factor that influenced this move is that Game Pass is not seeing strong growth beyond the current Xbox console install base. Therefore, the goal for current console gamers is to incentize an upgrade to the higher priced Ultimate tier with day one games / cloud gaming etc," Ahmad said.

"PC & Mobile gamers haven't purchased Game Pass at the rate Microsoft expected, and this cohort is where user growth needs to come from, which is why Game Pass PC tier will still have day one games."

Circana analyst Mat Piscatella said subscriber growth slowing down may also help explain why Microsoft is raising prices.

"If subscribers aren't growing meaningfully, might as well raise the price on the most dedicated customers that will keep subscribing regardless of the cost," Piscatella said.

To help save you some money, you can buy discounted Game Pass codes and stack them--but you don't have much longer to do so.

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