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Xbox Game Pass Hit Exoprimal Adds New Savage Gauntlet Co-Op Mode Today

Savage Gauntlet introduces a series of brand-new weekly missions.


Exoprimal's brand-new co-op game mode, Savage Gauntlet, goes live today for free on PC and console.

Savage Gauntlet is a five-player squad mode that tasks players with taking on a series of challenging time-attack PvE scenarios with a weekly rotation. These missions feature late-game content that unlocks upon completing the main story in Dino Survival mode.

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"Savage Gauntlet takes the wargames to the next level with special missions for courageous players," the developer said. The game mode will also feature a rotation of rules and scenarios that "provide a high level of difficulty tuned for experienced players and powered-up Exosuits."

Additionally, the weekly missions will invite the players to compete for the fastest completion time on Exoprimal's global leaderboards for each platform, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. The time-attack missions are replayable, so players can experiment with new strategies to achieve the best run-time and obtain higher rankings.

Rewards can also be earned depending on performance. The Savage Gaunlet missions reset every Thursday at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET, while competitions run through Mondays at 7:59 PM PT / 10:59 PM ET.

Capcom also confirmed that alongside Savage Gauntlet, Season One will include the release of 10 new Alpha variant Exosuits--which are set to release on August 16--and feature unique weapon loadouts and playstyles. Season Two will begin in mid-October and will implement a new map and mission type, Rigs, Modules, and a Street Fighter 6 crossover event. January 2024 will see the release of Season Three and Beta variant Exosuits, a new Neo Triceratops boss enemy, and Monster Hunter collaboration.

Exoprimal launched on July 14 and has already reached 1 million players, with Xbox Game Pass seeming to play a large role.

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