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Xbox Game Pass Friends And Family Branding Seemingly Discovered Online

It looks like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass family plan will cost extra though.


Branding for the Xbox Game Pass family subscription plan has seemingly leaked, showing off the potential logo for Microsoft's subscription service. It's nothing revolutionary in the graphic design department that Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, but it does suggest that Microsoft's approach to allowing users to share their subscription won't be limited to just their family members.

Microsoft began testing out this version of Game Pass in Ireland and Colombia several weeks ago, with the main restriction being that the account could only be shared by members who stayed in the same country. That Game Pass Ultimate preview is priced at around $25 a month (via VGC), whereas a usual subscription for a single person will set you back $15 every month for access to games on PC, Xbox console, Xbox cloud gaming, and online multiplayer.

The potential Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family hasn't been shared yet with the public, but Microsoft did mention during the testing reveal that Irish and Colombian users subscribers will be able to convert their Ultimate subscription to the new plan, based on the monetary value of the old membership. This works out to 30 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate being converted to 18 days of membership on the friends and family plan.

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family looks set to arrive at a time when its biggest competition, Sony, has increased the price of the PS5 console in several territories across the world. The company has cited global economic challenges and adverse currency trends as the primary reason why.

In response, Microsoft has confirmed that it currently has no plans to increase the price of its Xbox Series X|S consoles and Nintendo has also stated that it will not raise the price of Switch consoles despite growing costs in producing the Switch.

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