Xbox Game Pass For January 2022 Includes Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Spelunky 2, Outer Wilds

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Microsoft has announced the first wave of Game Pass titles for 2022, and the company is kicking off with the new year with a bang. There are eight titles coming to Game Pass in the first half of January, including three that are available right now and a big one, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, coming later this week.

Game Pass titles available today, January 4, include the hand-drawn puzzle game Gorogoa (console, PC, cloud), as well as the castaway game Olija (console, PC, cloud), and the 2.5D side-scroller The Pedestrian (console, PC, cloud).

January is another big month for Xbox Game Pass
January is another big month for Xbox Game Pass

On January 6, Game Pass will add Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on console and PC. This is also the day that the game comes to EA Play for those who subscribe to that service individually. Additionally, January 6 marks the launch of the multiplayer fire-focused game Embr (console, PC, cloud), while the acclaimed action-adventure game Outer Wilds (console, PC, cloud) arrives that day as well.

January 13 will see the roguelike Spelunky 2 (console, PC) launch, as well as four-player first-person shooter The Anacrusis (console, PC), which is a day one release and will initially be available in Game Preview.

As mentioned, this is likely just the first half of Game Pass titles for January, as Microsoft typically announces a second wave later in a given month. A series of games are leaving Game Pass on January 15 as well, including Kingdom Hearts III and Desperados III, among others.

Game Pass Titles For January 2022

January 4

  • Gorogoa -- console, PC, cloud
  • Olija -- console, PC, cloud
  • The Pedestrian -- console, PC, cloud

January 6

  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition -- console, PC
  • Embr -- console, PC, cloud
  • Outer Wilds -- console, PC, cloud

January 13

  • Spelunky 2 -- console, PC
  • The Anacrusis -- console, PC

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