Xbox Game Pass Adding Valheim, Walking Dead, Turnip Boy 2, And 8 More Games

The Twitch ID@Xbox fall showcase outlined a bunch of exciting games coming to the service over the next few months.


Xbox's fall ID@Xbox showcase detailed a ton of games coming to the platform, many of which are slated for release through its Game Pass subscription service. In total, eleven games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, including two that you can play immediately.

For instant gratification you can go ahead and download Amazing Cultivation Simulator and You Suck at Parking right now. Cultivation Simulator is a strategy and management sim based on Chinese mythology, first released on PC in 2020. You Suck At Parking is just out today, and challenges you to skid to a perfect stop through wild acrobatic race tracks.

In the near future you can also download Metal: Hellsinger. The rhythm-based shooter is available now, but won't be on Game Pass until September 15. The dark and gothic 2D action game Moonscars from Humble Games is also coming relatively soon, on September 27.

And looking to the future, the showcase stream detailed several more games on the way. Those include the Norse survival game Valheim, the wacky sequel Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, and the Walking Dead: The Final Season. Other additions on the way are Big Con, Eville, Homestead Arcana, and Rainbow Billy. You can check out the full lineup of Game Pass games announced today, with release dates where available, below.

  • Amazing Cultivation Simulator - available now
  • You Suck at Parking - available now
  • Metal: Hellsinger - coming September 15
  • Moonscars - coming September 27
  • Eville - coming October 11
  • Turnip Boy Robs a Bank - 2023
  • Homestead Arcana - 2023
  • Big Con
  • Rainbow Billy
  • Valheim
  • Walking Dead

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