Xbox Game Pass Adding These 7 Games In September

Seven more games coming soon.


As promised, Microsoft is continuing to expand the Xbox One's Netflix-style Game Pass program. Today as part of Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 announcements, the company revealed the next seven games and eight new markets to support the service.

The seven games coming to Game Pass on August 29 and September 1 include:

It's not immediately clear which games are coming on August 29 and which are coming on September 1. Given that the ReCore: Definitive Edition launches on August 29, it seems that game will be in the Game Pass catalog that day with the others to follow.

As for the eight new markets where the Game Pass is now available, these include Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, and UAE. People in these countries can subscribe to the service on September 1.

Launched in June, Game Pass is an Xbox One subscription service that gives you access to a catalog of backwards-compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles for $10 per month. There are currently more than 100 games in the catalog--you can see them all here. New users can try Game Pass through a free 14-day trial.

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@alipower: Nah, I'll get the One X and be the happiest man alive. And you PCtards getting bent out of shape because people are excited about it only makes me happier.

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@alipower: My response, "wow" what a dumbarse we have here, not one of your points is valid lol.