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Xbox Feedback Site Now Lets You Submit and Vote on Ideas for Xbox

Here's your chance to share that great idea for an Xbox One or Xbox 360 feature you've got.


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Microsoft has launched a new website today designed to allow gamers to submit and vote on ideas for Xbox platforms that they'd like to see become a reality.

Known as Xbox Feedback, the site has you sign in with your Xbox Live account and then lets you submit ideas into a variety of categories, such as apps, friends/parties, and SmartGlass. Hundreds of ideas have already been submitted, including making Xbox Music function without being snapped, allowing chat between Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, and letting the Xbox One be turned on with the SmartGlass app. Even if you don't have any ideas of your own for new features, you can vote on other people's ideas to help bring them to Microsoft's attention.

Should Microsoft decide to make use of one of these ideas, it will be indicated on the page. The idea's status will be listed as "In Progress" while it's being implemented, and will then be set to "Completed" once the feature is available.

The concept of the Xbox Feedback website is virtually identical to that of PlayStation Blog Share, which allows PlayStation fans to submit and vote on ideas they want to see Sony implement.

Since getting off to a rough start last year when it announced the Xbox One, Microsoft has been attempting to make amends with gamers. So far, the Xbox One has not sold as well as the PlayStation 4, but Microsoft has made strides by dropping the price (by way of selling the system without Kinect) and developing the ID@Xbox indie initiative, among other things. Since the Xbox One's launch, it's added fan-requested features like online notifications for friends and real name support.

Microsoft hosted its annual E3 press conference this morning, showing off many of the 2014 games we already knew about and officially announcing a new Crackdown, the Halo Master Chief Collection, and a remake of Phantom Dust.

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