Xbox Exec Teases: "Doing Things We've Never Done"

Plus, check out this silly "creative chatter" t-shirt.


On Wednesday, "creative chatter" was the phrase Xbox boss Phil Spencer used in a tweet to respond to the new Xbox One hardware rumors. Just days later, it's now a t-shirt.

Not only that, but Spencer himself has tweeted about how the Xbox team is breaking new ground for some of its upcoming E3 announcements, apparently.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg shared the picture above of himself (wearing a similarly zany t-shirt), Spencer, and Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb preparing for E3.

The t-shirt was apparently made by Ken Birge (via DualShockers).

As for Spencer's tweet, in the same thread about the E3 t-shirt, he thanked a fan for their support, and offered this tease: "Blown away by the work of #TEAMXBOX, doing things we've never done."

Spencer did not elaborate further. But if Microsoft is indeed moving to a more incremental console upgrade cycle--that would indeed represent new territory for the company.

Earlier this week, multiple reports claimed Microsoft was working on a souped-up version of the Xbox One to launch in 2017 that is reportedly four times as powerful as the current model and VR-ready. A smaller version of the Xbox One could be announced at E3 and launch this year, according to the reports.

Or maybe this is all just "creative chatter"? We'll find out for sure when Microsoft holds its E3 2016 briefing on Monday, June 13.

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