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Xbox Exec Responds to PC Gaming Concerns, Promises Plan "To Improve"

"We appreciate the feedback and have plans to improve."


If you are not satisfied with Microsoft's PC gaming efforts, you may be happy to learn that the company's top gaming boss Phil Spencer has again vowed to make things better in the future.

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A fan linked Spencer to a How To Geek story titled "Why You Shouldn't Buy Rise of the Tomb Raider (and Other PC Games) from the Windows Store." The article listed off what it claimed to be limitations of Windows Store games, including a reported lack of modding and SLI/Crossfire support.

You might not have expected Spencer to respond, but he did. Asked if Microsoft was taking steps to resolve some of the issues listed in the story, Spencer said he understands and appreciates the feedback. Microsoft has "plans to improve," he said.

Spencer didn't provide any specifics about Microsoft's plans.

Next month at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft will host a session titled "The Future of Xbox Game Development for Windows," during which new information may be divulged. Another session, "Game Developer Success & Opportunities with Gaming on Windows," will be hosted by ID@Xbox director Chris Charla. GameSpot will report back with new information as it becomes available.

This isn't the first time Spencer has admitted shortcomings in Microsoft's PC gaming efforts. In June 2015, Spencer acknowledged "we weren't fully committed as a company" to the PC gaming space in recent years. But that is changing now.

"I can tell you definitively that our team has never committed more resources to making Windows better for game developers and gamers, and that means any gamer on Windows 10, regardless of storefront or device," Spencer explained at the time.

In other recent Microsoft PC gaming news, the company recently confirmed that time-bending action game Quantum Break, announced as an Xbox One exclusive, is also coming to PC at launch in April. The company caught some heat for this announcement--and marketing executive Aaron Greenberg responded.

"People should know: Xbox is a big priority and a huge commitment," he said earlier this month. "Please do not let the fact that we are also launching a game on the same day on Windows 10 change your perspective on the importance of the console business [or] our commitment to innovating on console."

What steps would you like to see Microsoft take in the future as it relates to PC gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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