Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller Is Discounted At Amazon

As with most Amazon discounts, it's unclear when the deal will end.


The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is on sale for $116 at Amazon. Regularly priced at $130, this is a nice little discount for those who are looking for a new Xbox controller. All customers get free shipping, but, naturally, Prime members will get the controller sooner. The Elite Series 2 Core controller released last fall as a budget alternative to the standard Elite Series 2. However, the Core version does not come with any of the attachments, though they can be purchased separately.

This means you won't get back paddles, four extra analog sticks to swap, a swappable D-pad, or the carrying case. Instead, the Core controller simply features the premium build of the Elite Series 2 controller--nicer sticks, trigger locks, an eight-way metal D-pad, and tactile handle grips.

If you decide you want the back paddles and other accessories, you can always purchase them separately. Microsoft is selling the Complete Component Pack for $60 Alternatively, you can pick and choose which swappable parts you want and buy them from third-party companies. For instance, you can get a nice set of back paddles for around $10 We've tested these third-party paddles and they feel good and work well.

Alternatively, you can grab an open-box version of the regular Elite Series 2 controller for only $112 at eBay. Sold by a "Top Rated Plus" seller, this deal comes with free two- to four-day shipping and eBay's money back guarantee. As an open-box product, it's possible that the original box and packaging materials may be missing. However, the controller should be in like-new condition and comes with all of the original attachments and accessories.

Editor's Note: Article updated on January 30, 2022

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