Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller Gets Huge Discount

You can snag the new controller at Newegg for $100. Alternatively, you can get it for $110 with a free game.


The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is on sale for a stellar price at multiple retailers. Right now, you can get it for $100 at Newegg with promo code 5BFBYA5372. Alternatively, you can get the controller for $110 and receive a free game with your purchase. Both of those are awesome deals. Antonline is selling the Elite Series 2 Core controller bundled with Watch Dogs: Legion via its eBay account. Since Antonline is a Microsoft authorized seller, you can rest assured that this deal is legit.

The code for Watch Dogs: Legion will arrive in your inbox within 10 days of purchase. Legion is the latest entry in the open-world hacker franchise, and it includes a pretty clever gameplay feature that allows you to control any NPC in the game. Legion offers a nice variety of missions, plenty of cool gadgets, and a large open-world sandbox to explore. We awarded the game an 8/10 in our Watch Dogs: Legion review.

As mentioned already, the Elite Series 2 Core controller doesn't come with any attachments. That means you won't get back paddles, four extra analog sticks to swap, a swappable D-pad, or the carrying case. Instead, the Core controller simply features the premium build of the Elite Series 2 controller--nicer sticks, trigger locks, an eight-way metal D-pad, and tactile handle grips.

If you decide you want the back paddles and other accessories, you can always purchase them separately. Microsoft is selling the Complete Component Pack for $60. Alternatively, you can pick and choose which swappable parts you want and buy them from third-party companies. For instance, you can get a nice set of back paddles for around $10. We've tested these third-party paddles and they feel good and work well.

If you're interested in Watch Dogs: Legion but aren't sold on the Elite Series 2 controller, you can also currently get the game bundled with the standard Xbox wireless controller for $50.

Editor's Note: Article updated on November 15, 2022

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