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Xbox Design Lab Now Has Even More Customization Options

The Xbox Design Lab has added four new options.


Microsoft has updated its Xbox Design Lab store to support additional Xbox controllers that players can customize to their liking. Four more controllers--Lunar Shift, Aqua Shift, Stellar Shift, and Cosmic Shift--are now supported in the Xbox Design Lab.

These options bring the starting price to $80, and players can add an engraved message supporting up to 16 characters for an additional $10.

The Xbox Design Lab allows players to create and customize an Xbox controller beyond what's offered by Microsoft itself. Players can select a base controller body, the back, grips, bumpers, thumbsticks, triggers, d-pad, and AXBY and menu buttons to their liking.

Users can also customize Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers in the Design Lab. And for anyone who wants a little inspiration or help, the Design Lab has a "Community Gallery" tab where users can see controllers designed by other people.

For example, the current most popular Design Lab controller is called "Master Chief," bearing the character's signature green and gold color scheme. An "Xbox 360" design is available, too, making the Xbox One controller look like the iconic Xbox 360 gamepad. There is also a yellow and red "Pikachu" design and others inspired by Elden Ring, Fallout, Mario, Batman, and more.

The recent Xbox leak reportedly included a document that might suggest that Design Lab functionality is coming to the Xbox Series X console itself in the future, but this is not confirmed.

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