Xbox Dashboard Won't Get Facebook Gaming Ads, Microsoft Confirms

The Xbox One dashboard won't feature Facebook Gaming streams, Microsoft says.


After Microsoft announced it was shutting down Mixer and moving to work more closely with Facebook Gaming, some wondered what impact this could have on the Xbox dashboard.

Currently, the dashboard on Xbox One contains advertisements and links to Mixer streams. Some were wondering if Facebook Gaming streams will replace them in the carousel. That won't be the case, according to Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.

"If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook Gaming. The answer is no," Major Nelson said on Reddit.

Microsoft will close Mixer on July 22. Mixer's life at Microsoft was short. Microsoft acquired the interactive livestreaming technology, Beam, in 2016, before re-naming it Mixer in 2017.

Mixer's two biggest streamers--Ninja and Shroud--are now free agents after reportedly getting bought out of their contracts with Microsoft. The company is said to have paid Ninja $30 million and Shroud a fee in the area of $10 million.

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Mixer? What was that about? Maybe they should have given gamers credits to stream for "real" purchases like DLC instead of handing out 30 million dollars to one gamer. "FIVE DOLLARS"! It Should have been a no brainer with the model of game development that has been microsoft games. How much were they losing on each three sixty console? They claimed it was sold over cost. The XBox gold and XBox Studio buying developers ensured forward monetary reimbursement.

What was the incentive to gamers that they were going to receive for playing on this mixer? Precedence Set! You gave the shrouds and the ninjas cash money! What did joe shmoe from idaho get for logging in daily for the last two years other than time wasted? Twitch gives the drops for watching. Where was the Xbox Mixer offering sweet loots or skins to the devoted fans?

It was a worse commercial tie in then twitch by far and the money they took wasn't pushed on gamer retention, instead gambled on gathering more commercial investors. That's what all gamers really want right, more commercials? How about not letting your baby drop your gamers huh? Crashes and just bugs in general not to mention the lag spikes they pushed onto twitch side when first released in an attempt to un-throne the king by accidentally choking connectivity of twitchers from xbox apps. (Yeah we saw what you did there.) Not Cool.

Microsoft in general has a horrible track record of ditching things that don't "work" for them. Used to be a great company now it sources intelligence to and fro for money from the bidders/handlers.

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