Xbox Crazy Taxi 3, PS2 Skies of Arcadia announced

Sega confirms development on Crazy Taxi 3 for the Xbox, as well as Skies of Arcadia for the PlayStation 2.


Sega has officially announced that development has already begun on Crazy Taxi 3 for the Xbox and Skies of Arcadia for the PlayStation 2. While specific details are scarce, Crazy Taxi 3 will feature four new characters, as well as new gameplay modes, minigames, and hidden courses. In Skies of Arcadia, which was originally released for the Dreamcast, players will assume the role of Vyse, a pirate who must keep a young girl from being captured by the Valua Empire. Currently, there is no information regarding any possible enhancements the PlayStation 2 version may have.

Both games are scheduled for release this summer.

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