Xbox Conference 2001: Xbox games media update

A variety of third-party games were shown for the Xbox in Japan. See screenshots from games such as Double S.T.E.A.L., Gaia Blade, and Kabuki Warriors, among others.


At its Xbox Conference 2001 Summer, Microsoft released details on a variety of games that will be released for the Japanese Xbox. A number of the titles had previously been announced, but there were a handful of games, including Relics and The Castle of Shikigami, that were announced at the show. There are several high-profile games in the Japanese Xbox lineup, including Gunvalkyrie, Jet Set Radio Future, and Sega GT2002 from Sega, Air Force Delta II and Silent Hill: The Final Verse from Konami, Genma Onimusha from Capcom, Gaia Blade and Murakumo by From Software, and Dead or Alive 3 from Tecmo. Additionally, Namco announced its support for the Xbox with games such as Soul Calibur 2, Dead to Rights, the next Ridge Racer, and an unnamed Xbox-exclusive action-adventure game.

Listed below are a handful of Xbox games that were shown at its press conference. Click on the link below to see new screenshots from the games.

World Billiards Tournament (ASK)
Double S.T.E.A.L. (Bunkasha Games)
Relics: The Absolute Spirit (Bothtec)
Gaia Blade (From Software)
Murakumo (From Software)
Kabuki Warriors (Genki)
X-Chaser (Idea Factory)
Metal Dungeon (Panther Software)
The Castle of Shikigami (Mi-Pic)
Myst III: Exile (Mi-Pic)
Triangle Again (MIG Entertainment)
Kingdom Under Fire II (Phantagram)
Style Laboratory (RAITS)

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