Finally Adding a Way to View Xbox One Game Clips, Achievements

You'll soon be able to view Xbox One owners' profiles while away from the system without the need for the SmartGlass app.


Since the Xbox One launched, the kind of information about you and your friends you could see by going to was very limited. That will soon change, as Microsoft announced today that it's expanding the site's functionality to include a number of new features.

The new Xbox One Achievements view on
The new Xbox One Achievements view on

As demonstrated in the video above, is being overhauled to allow you to view your Xbox One profile, as well as that of other Xbox Live members. Additionally, you'll finally be able to watch recorded game clips, as well as view and compare achievements with others. You'll also have a way to access to the accompanying Xbox One achievement art, which you're free to save.

Previously, these sort of community-focused features were restricted to the system itself and the Xbox One SmartGlass app. itself was largely useless when it came to viewing Xbox One information; it was restricted almost entirely to displaying Xbox 360 activity only. It wouldn't even display what games friends were playing on their Xbox Ones (as it does for those on their Xbox 360s), instead simply saying that they are "online playing Xbox One."

These new features are described by Microsoft as among "the most requested community features." This is only the first of more improvements to come for like the activity feed "are on the way." In the meantime, Xbox fans are encouraged to continue submitting ideas for features they'd like to see through the Xbox Feedback site it launched earlier this month.

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