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Xbox Cloud Streaming Coming To PC, iOS This Week In Beta

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its Xbox Cloud Gaming program.


Microsoft's cloud-based game-streaming service is finally coming to PC and iOS devices. Invitations will go out to "select" Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members starting April 20 as part of a "limited test" that will be available for the newly supported platforms.

This isn't a perfect or ideal situation for iOS devices, as Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhones and tablets is available through web browsers as opposed to directly through an app. For iOS, Microsoft has criticized Apple's policies that have led to this situation.

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Starting April 20, those who have been granted access to the beta can visit on Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge to play Xbox games over the cloud. "Offering cloud gaming through the browser and having a simplified, universal landing page presents a great opportunity to make cloud gaming approachable to more players in more places over time," Microsoft said.

More invitations across all 22 supported countries will be made available over the coming months, Microsoft said.

If you're accepted into the beta, you'll need a Bluetooth or USB controller to play the cloud games, or you can use touch controls for the 50+ games that currently support them.

Game streaming is currently available only through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which also grants you access to the Game Pass libraries on PC and Xbox consoles, and bundles in the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer reacted to the news, saying he's excited to see Xbox Cloud Gaming continue to grow.

"Great to get to share progress team has made, looking forward to continuing to grow Cloud Gaming with the community. Browsing XGP library, instantly trying a game and either keep playing in browser and/or download to continue on console or PC is a really nice discovery feature," he said.

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