Xbox Boss Talks Skate 3 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

"We'll get there."


EA's Skate 3 is one of the few Xbox 360 games announced for Xbox One backwards compatibility, but not yet delivered. Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has weighed in, saying he "really want[s] to get it done."

"We know its a key game and are on it. I'm confident in getting it out to XB1 customers, just can't give you a date yet, sorry," Spencer said in an exchange with a fan on Twitter. He added: "I'm with everyone on this, franchise reinvented skate control in gaming, really want to get it done, we'll get there."

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The other Xbox 360 titles announced for backwards compatibility but not out yet are BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. Interestingly, Spencer earlier this week teased future backwards compatibility titles, saying there are new games coming "soon" that he is "really looking forward to."

In other news about Xbox One's backwards compatibility catalog, Criterion Games confirmed today that it's still working on adding Burnout Paradise to the library.

The newest Xbox 360 game added to the program was Word Puzzle, which arrived this week. There are now more than 250 games in the catalog--you can see them all here.

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