Xbox Boss Responds to New Console Reports

"Lots of creative chatter today."


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has responded to today's reports about potential future Xbox consoles. On Twitter, Spencer said, "Lots of creative chatter today." However, he did not offer anything in the ways of specifics about what he deemed to be "creative" about the reports.

He added: "Excited to share our gaming story at E3 on June 13." Microsoft's briefing at the show is scheduled to take place that day, starting at 9:30 AM PST.

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According to multiple reports, a smaller Xbox One is coming this year, while a more powerful system will debut in 2017. The smaller one may be announced during Microsoft's E3 briefing next month, according to the reports.

Microsoft may also announce new streaming hardware at its E3 briefing.

"They're going to have two devices, it's going to be one [for] super streamers, think a Roku style device, and then another device that's going to have more features," Microsoft blogger Brad Sams said.

"What I think the differentiation between these two devices are, I'd imagine the smaller devices will be for streaming only," he added. "But the other device I honestly think is where they're going to start using app leverage. I could see this device sitting in the cabinet and being able to play Windows Store games."

Earlier this year, Spencer told Xbox fans to stay tuned for news about things "beyond" Xbox One and Windows 10, possibly a reference to the consoles unofficially revealed today.

Spencer also revealed on Twitter that Microsoft's E3 show will run for 90 minutes, which is roughly in line with the length of past years' shows. Microsoft recently completed an end-to-end walkthrough of the event in preparation for the real thing in June.

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