Xbox Boss Reacts to Nintendo Switch Announcement

"I'm always impressed with their ability to state a bold vision and build a product that delivers on that vision."


Following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has commented on the new console. In a tweet, Spencer said he was impressed by what Nintendo had to show.

"I'm always impressed with their ability to state a bold vision and build a product that delivers on that vision," he said to a person who asked him to share his thoughts.

Spencer, who has said he finds console war debates to be "distasteful," has not shied away from praising the competition, including Sony and the PlayStation 4. For Nintendo specifically, he said earlier this year that Microsoft's partnership with Nintendo for Minecraft has been "great."

Nintendo Switch is the new name for NX, which was the console's codename up until today. As rumored, the system is a console/mobile hybrid, allowing you to play in the home or on the go. The console has detachable controllers for on-the-go gaming and a docking station for when you're at home.

Pricing has not been announced, but we know the Nintendo Switch will come out in March 2017.

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i was expecting " my console is screwed"

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I still remember when SEGA and Nintendo ran ads blatantly insulting each other's fans. It was pretty ugly too, although some of them were mildly amusing.

Microsoft did make a jab at Nintendo's Wii remote in an ad for Dance Central, Sony made fun of the Microsoft's plans to restrict sharing games on Xbox One, and Nintendo bragged about outselling MS and Sony systems a few E3s ago, but other than that, they've been quite civil lately.

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You do know that Sony and Microsoft CEO's and such loves Nintendo products. It's the fucking community that disrespects them and says they're for babies.

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When Nintendo makes stuff like the switch it's in no direct competition to the xb and ps.

Phil knows this so he doesn't have to make comments on why the xb stuff may be better like he did with the ps pro.

I love the concept of switch but it seems that the strategy is to join their mobile and console sales for higher numbers as opposed to getting xb and ps gamers to switch (pun not intend...actually yes it kinda is...)

This most likely results in a weaker system again since it's mobile technology to prevent issues like bad battery life and overheating. I can see myself having one more or less everywhere though

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Phil is such a cool guy.

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So how is The Switch any different than Xbox Play Anywhere? In both cases I can play a game on my console and then take it with me on the go via the Swutch tablet or my laptop.

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Design - check

Technology - ?

Games - ?

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A Nintendo representative confirmed today that the Nintendo Switch will not be compatible with Nintendo 3DS cartridges or Wii U discs.

Nintendo might have been merely trying to cover all the bases. By saying the Switch is not a direct 3DS successor, the company can release one without losing face if the hybrid ends up flopping like the Wii U.

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Minecraft on Switch would make money, wouldn't be surprised if it was announced in a year.

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For all you fanboys who think Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc. are all in an unfriendly competition.

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@nzowa100: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo has respects for each other and praise they do great! They're leaders owns other consoles. It's just the community they're fucking aholes.

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@nzowa100: Precisely! Hillary and Trump shook hands on several occasions, so they are totally not in an unfriendly competition!

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@nzowa100: They are. Microsoft just hired a good PR rep/consultant after they bombed E3 2013 and started losing the console race. All their jobs literally depend on the success of their machine and if the other guys is winning, they most likely arent. Thats how the business world works. This is all for the sake of rebuilding their image which Phil has done an awesome job doing but behind close doors I guarantee they arent congratulating Nintendo or Sony.

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@Ha2e: I see your point, I think Microsoft might win next console generation with the Scorpio, as long as they keep the price down and have new great exclusives which shouldn't be a problem.

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Made the 3DsXl and the X1 my consoles of choice this past gen and haven't regretted it once! The Switch and the Scorpio will be under my TV before long and I have a feeling I won't regret that choice either! I just hope the Switch will be BC with the 3Ds games.

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@rob9999991: It's not. They're using new proprietary cards for the Switch. I'm hoping the tablet is touch screen. that could help for e-shop compatibility. I think Nintendo will keep the 3ds going for a little while. It has cheaper games and can still appeal to the younger audience.

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Phil seems to get it. We all love gaming and pushing one another forward is good for all of us.

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Gamespots winning formula:

1. Post clickbait headline with something to do with Xbox to chum the water

2. Wait for fanboys to show up

3. Profit

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Anymore it's more interesting to read the comment section of these articles than the actual article. I didn't think people would be so against the new Nintendo Switch so soon, but oh well, it looks cool to me since I've always been a fan of dedicated handheld systems.

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It must get old for Phil Spencer trying to feign interest in boring products like the Nintendo Switch.

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it's great that he praises another company, but it depends on the people, but for me i usually don't travel and play the the same time, but still useful if i could play around somewhere in my home.

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Another Nintendo product..

no backwards compatibility

its a tablet with controllers

Average tablet battery life is??

its going to cost a lot more than an I-pad

its going to cost over 450. fact. if it has built in storage wifi. standard and deluxe bundle it will cost of 500

its a new age Gameboy... [GameGear] 2 birds on stone new DS and console

whats the warrenty on cracked and scratched screens

Classic Nintendo making a peripheral console, your going to be spendin extra money on just peripherals for this thing

Nintendo Switch is an I-pad with controllers because Nintendo they don't want to out source their ips like a third party they are fallin to the sega trap.

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@DustbusterGF: Huh? There is no way the Switch will cost $450 or more. That's insane. Tablet tech prices have come down a lot over the past few years and Nintendo may even be willing to take a slight loss on the system to increase sales (Nintendo rarely does this, but it is common in the industry. The PS3 reportedly cost around $800 to produce at launch and sold for $600). As far as battery life, my newest tablet has a 1440p OLED 8.5 inch screen and gets 10 hours of usage. That is plenty for standard usage. The complaint about cracked and broken screens seems silly too. Once again, tons of people, and children, use tablets everyday now and there is no epidemic of damaged screens. I get it, you don't like Nintendo. That's fine, but at least be honest about your negative bias.

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@DustbusterGF: cock

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@DustbusterGF: Deja Vu.....

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@DustbusterGF : you must be fun at parties...

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Hardware wise the NS is probably still going to be behind the times. I would love to go back to my roots of gaming. The Nintendo 64 was one of my first consoles but they have to make this device more appealing.

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collbanth other words, he doesn't see it as a threat. His comment is just patronizing.

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@collbanth: Or maybe it gets his mind thinking of how they can mimic the idea in the future.

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@collbanth: ...or maybe he meant what he said. Actually that seems to be the assumption that makes the fewest unfounded leaps in logic.

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@LonelyStep: haha maybe! I think in all this fanboyism I've become desensitized to compliments

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@collbanth: Trust me, I go into every comments section armed to the teeth instead of just trying to find the good normal conversations to join lol. Yah, it's nice to see someone being nice (which he always is it seems). Phil is a gamer and has stated many times before that he plays and loves all of the systems.

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@collbanth: Innocence is the first casualty of war

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MS will probably try to copy Nintendo with an Xbox Surface tablet. Makes sense given their "Play Anywhere" initiative.

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@troll_elite: They already have the Surface Book that's a ton more powerful than the Switch, buuuuuut they aren't cheap at all lol. Obviously they are two totally different products but it kinda goes with what you said :p

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I can't fault Ninty for taking a risk like this... From what I seen it looks nice and plays solid

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too bad, Microsoft was not as bold as Nintendo. Their Kinect-centric scheme in the beginning was great, but then take it off because of internets ...

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@wahyudil: Have you not seen the Hololens?

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@bc2999: What would be bold is actually releasing it.

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@Iconoclysm: They have preorder stuff for it already, so it has to be coming sometime soon'ish.

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@nickpeck36: Soonish? Come on. This product is nearing what, 3 years since the reveal?

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@LonelyStep: Thanks, as a former Microsoft employee, I was missing that gung ho "link to the future".