Xbox Boss on PC Gaming: "We've Heard the Feedback Loud and Clear"

"We are working to ensure Windows 10 has a great gaming experience," Phil Spencer says.


Speaking today at Microsoft's Build conference in San Francisco, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stressed to PC gamers that the company is listening to their feedback. The company is hoping to make Windows 10 a "great gaming experience" by continuing to evolve and add new features, like new ones in May.

Through an update to the Xbox PC app coming in May, Microsoft will enable the ability to disable vsync, and add support for G-Sync (Nvidia) and FreeSync (AMD).

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"We have heard the feedback from the PC gaming community loud and clear. And we are working to ensure Windows 10 has a great gaming experience," Spencer said.

Looking further out, Microsoft said the company will deliver additional features for the Xbox PC app, including overlays and modding support, two further community-requested items.

"[We are] committed to ensuring we meet or exceed the performance expectations of full-screen games as well as the additional features including support for overlays, modding, and more," he explained.

This isn't the first time Spencer has spoken up to respond to concerns about its PC gaming efforts. Earlier this month, he told GameSpot that he understands the issues people had with GFWL and why gamers would in turn be skeptical about PC gaming on Windows 10.

But he's making it his mission to turn things around.

"I understand GFWL is part of the history of Microsoft and gaming for PC gamers" he said, reminding us that he was not Head of Xbox during the GFWL days. "We absolutely have a responsibility to answer the gamers' concerns of the people who bet on us [with GFWL] and the outcome--it's front and center.

"I understand the skepticism that people have, but I just want to stand up and say we're very, very committed as a company to ensure that gaming on Windows 10 is a great experience."

In other news about Xbox and PC gaming, Microsoft-owned studio Turn 10 has announced that all of its future games will be released for Xbox and PC.

What do you make of Microsoft's PC gaming efforts of late? Let us know in the comments below!

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