Xbox Avatars take Guitar Hero 5 stage

Activision rhythm rocker will allow use of virtual alter egos as playable characters on Microsoft's console.


Yesterday, Activision revealed the last batch of tunes from Guitar Hero 5's 85-song setlist, but the publisher has plenty left to talk about with its upcoming rhythm game. For example, Activision today confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 5 will incorporate Microsoft's user-customized avatars.

In addition to the roster of Guitar Hero staples, such as Axel Steel and the army of create-a-character options, Xbox 360 players will be able to play as their avatars onstage, whether it's behind a guitar, drums, or microphone. Don't expect the avatars to indulge in a rock-and-roll lifestyle, though. The restrictions Microsoft imposes on how its gamer proxies are portrayed in XBL Indie games presumably apply to standard third-party publishers as well. Check out the video below for an example of how the avatars will be incorporated into the gameplay.

As with last year's Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 lets gamers accompany playable tunes on the guitar, bass, drums, or microphone. The publisher is also lifting the restriction on the one-instrument, one-player rules that have defined the series. Instead, rhythm rockers will be able to use any combination of instruments for any given song, with Activision giving the example of two guitars and two sets of drums rocking out together.

Guitar Hero 5 will be available September 1 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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all right guys. saying that xbox ripped off the wii is like saying car commpanies ripped off henry ford. so stop whining.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Hopefully Microsoft offers a lot more customization options for the Avatars if they're gonna allow this in future games. They may be ugly and bland looking, but its a cool addition nonetheless ;)

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@HollowDarkstar Yes but for something so ugly i dont want it.If it was original then i wouldnt mind.But they are just little rip offs.They may do more them but still ripoffs. However Home avatars look like real people(wow what a concept) and coudl really give Guitar Hero a hell alot of fun.Maybe even special guitars based on the outfits.Like a photon pack guitar that for its "star power" shoots the photon beams.Same with other special ones.Would be just great. P.S. Amazing how fast i got minuses when mentioning this and when saying how pathetic the xbox avatars are.Hey its the truth.

Avatar image for sonicmask

The day i see Microsoft come up with their own idea is the day Nintendo wont make a profit!

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

"Nintendo Wii did it!"

Avatar image for damonkeypirate

*cough* everyone stop ripping off the wii *cough*

Avatar image for dan-rofl-copter

I love tom petty and the heartbreakers! But really they should just patch and release new song onto world tour.

Avatar image for prioritymail

Its probably the only gimmick they could come up with when trying to sell a FIFTH guitar hero. I think it is time for this game series to stop milking it. They should just support the series further through DLC only.

Avatar image for HollowDarkstar

@WolfGrey: You Do Realize A Xbox Avatar Marketplace Is Coming Soon; Making It Possible To Obtain COG Armor Through Payment Or Avatar Awards.

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Next, the Sims3 (Guitar Hero and RockBand Expansion Packs).

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Wow, two money-sucking things combine. Activision's Guitar Hero and Microsofts Avatar rip-off. Oh my God, my wallet just disappeared. :O

Avatar image for Timbydude

While it's more or less obvious that Microsoft's Avatar concept was ripped off from that of the Mii, I have to say that Microsoft has done infinitely more with Avatars than Nintendo did with Miis. They appear in online games and actually have some sort of meaning, where as my Mii just sits in my Wii Home, with nothing at all to do.

Avatar image for David_Kniffin

That's kind of cool, but I don't know it I'd actually use it. I wonder if they'll allow us to use Miis (again) and avatars from Home.

Avatar image for rockstar_88

Well you can't always innovate on a yearly basis, but Activision's problem stems from doing it on a semi-quarterly basis. Avatar support and same-instrument activity? Is that the best you can come up with? This just further proves Harmonix's approach with Rock Band 3 is going to trump their next year's offer just like it's going to this year, how it did last year and the year before.

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

*remembers of mii freestyIe* ... *shivers*

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@Laserwulf Another reason why this feature is wasted on Xbox360.Lets put it this way when you add up all the outfits from home.A lego/mii crossbred child or Chris from resident evil? Or how bout a ghostbuster?Or maybe a killzone soldier?Resistance soldier?Do they not all sound really good or what? Come on its worth it.

Avatar image for VisceriousZERO

Funny. GH needed a burst of inspiration, anyway. xD

Avatar image for Laserwulf

The concept is cool... but why would I want to use my avatar when I can make a character in-game that looks so much better?

Avatar image for BattleSword1

I've always wanted to fail a song and see my Avatar furiously destroy his guitar onstage. Hooray!

Avatar image for kurtcobain62896

sorry i meant xbox 360

Avatar image for sweeten16

Im not buying another gh or rockband game again and ive already sold my world tour copy. its just not so fun to play anymore.

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

Ok, the point of a video game is either to tell a story, or allow you to do something that's impossible or unreasonable in real life (and to have fun in the process). SO, they decide to combine the 2 things in videogames that stray the farthest from that description? Granted, using avatars, no matter how lame they are, is better than the way it is now...

Avatar image for LEGEND_C4A

jesus christ, all you people do is cry and complain about everything. you guys need to be more open minded and stop always looking for negatives in every game :(

Avatar image for Supreme4dmira1

lol, that was funny. But not enough to make me even want that game in the least.

Avatar image for -HCMF-

About time someone put those damn avatars to use.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

I would prefer this with ps3s Home avatars.And lets face it they just look better.Far better than a mii crossbred with a lego figure.

Avatar image for hannify

too bad i got to see a stupid lottery ad everytime i watch videos!! stupid gamespot uk

Avatar image for EndlessPunisher

Avatars sound cool, but that's not enough to convince me to buy this game. They could put dancing monkeys on the stage and I still wouldn't feel anymore convinced.

Avatar image for Agronot

Don't hate the player hate the game. Business is business. If it were the other way around you would be talking trash. I have both the XBox and PS3. I barely use my PS3 due to lack of content.

Avatar image for dcelw540

Y NOT DO THIS FOR PS3!!!! XBOX 360 is getting everything they can get their hands to piss of ps3 players! and it's working!!! I hate them for getting this i hate them their getting medal gear solid and i hate them for having more features: like twitter,face book!!!

Avatar image for Xaviersx

After seeing the original concept art (for the Xbox 360 avatars), I still (personally) would like an avatar revamp, less cartoony, more personality to the looks, something that actually looks next gen and customizable to me more like me (not mii) per say, . . . but congrats for doing something with it . . . we wouldn't necessarily have seen motion characters from our static Xbox pics before.

Avatar image for HollowDarkstar

You Don't Actually Have To Use Your Avatar, It's Optional. Get It Through Your Heads.

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Wow.. lmao that's actually pretty cool...too bad we can't wear more metal attire..but that does mean that my (soon to be) spartan avatar will be on guitar...

Avatar image for Jshaw71

i guess that's cool, well we see mii's for wii version i wonder? the guitar hero models of the past look much better than this, i wonder if you'll be able to use ingame clothes with your live avatars in this gh game?

Avatar image for Units420

Funny how everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over a feature..........YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO USE!!!!!! Complaining just cause you can gets old folks.

Avatar image for Joe6391

Wow! Look at that video! I didn't know the Wii had such graphical capabilities! Oh wait...

Avatar image for TheBatFreak777

just another GH game

Avatar image for aniMAXXX

Wow, Cool, Can't wait, Once if Natal is incorporated-in i can make some real fool of myself :P

Avatar image for KBABZ

How many people used their Mii in Wii Sports for more than five goes? Yeah, thought so. Same thing here, except that Avatars have a bad rep.

Avatar image for lamprey263

this could be a cool feature for X360 players

Avatar image for rulo_rezn0r

Looks fun, and it doesnt hurt anybody because is optional

Avatar image for sobleck

lol, looks like fun, won't ever bother dishing out cash for another guitar hero or rockband though, no bloody point

Avatar image for yaya-d

just when i thought the series can't get more sillier

Avatar image for bassman1986

I am really jealousy of 360 owners who have exclusive RRoD and E74. lol

Avatar image for SylvanMidget

Nice, cool idea.

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