Xbox Attempts To Temper Expectations Ahead Of Game Awards Reveals

Microsoft will be showing off new Xbox titles at the event, but maybe not the ones you expect.


With the Game Awards taking place today, December 10, the anticipation for big and exciting surprises is at its peak. Microsoft has been teasing some Xbox announcements taking place at the show but has begun tempering expectations based on reactions.

Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox marketing, has warned fans that many of their predictions about what could be announced have far exceeded reality. Greenberg has maintained that the announcements are exciting, but for everyone to just think a bit smaller.

Microsoft used the Game Awards last year to announce the Xbox Series X, which was easily the biggest surprise of the show. It's unlikely that anything the company has planned for today could top that, especially with Halo Infinite confirmed to be skipping the event. Xbox's shooter exclusive recently got a confirmed Fall 2021 release window along with a minor update on progress since the delay earlier this year.

One such rumor has suggested that a new Forza Horizon entry will be announced at the show. While not explicitly denying it, the official Twitter account for the game has also downplayed some involvement with tonight's proceedings, even shooting down the suggestion that a small crossover with Cyberpunk 2077 might be revealed for Forza Horizon 4.

Microsoft has a lot to still divulge with regards to all the new studios it has acquired over the past year and big projects from in-house studios like The Initiative. Make sure to check out what to expect from The Game Awards and how to watch it with our guide here to not miss a second of it.

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you already tempered it. i was planning buy in launch day first since x360 but release lineup just isnt here yet.

the bc is super but i have x360 and x0 still hooked to tv so ill wait for day when can unhook them and xsx takes over. x360 compatibility is super, x0 compatibility is weak but im sure some more classics will come later. and then xsx needs something of its own.

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