Xbox App Adds Story Feature For Official Game Hubs

Stay up to date with the latest clips and discussions from your favorite games with this new feature.


Microsoft wants to make the Xbox App a more social experience than before, as an update arriving today adds official game stories so you can see the best clips from your favorite titles.

Though not yet live when we checked on our own Xbox App, the feature will let a game post related stories similar to what you'd see on Instagram or Twitter. Pictures showcasing the game or prompts about the game will be available to followers, who can then share, like, or comment on the posts. Given the limited social interactivity available on the Xbox app, this should encourage people to use it more frequently.

It remains to be seen if a similar stories feature will be available for players to post their own content or if it will be limited to official game channels forever. Right now, players can share screenshots or clips to a variety of social networks or their feed, but it's not as easy to spot them right away.

There are still some features missing from the overhauled Xbox app, which replaced a previous version that had been in place for years. You can no longer redeem codes or claim Games With Gold directly within the iOS app and you can't even use it to buy games anymore. Achievements, which had been removed for several months, did eventually return, however.

For more on Xbox, check out the announcements from E3 2021 and stay tuned for tomorrow's extended Xbox showcase.

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