Xbox 720 has DVR-like video capture?

Sources say Microsoft's next-gen platform will allow players to capture and share video highlights just like the PlayStation 4; Achievement system reportedly retooled.


Microsoft's next Xbox will feature DVR-like video capture capabilities, according to sources speaking with Polygon. In a similar way to the PlayStation 4, the confirmed-but-unannounced next-generation Xbox will reportedly allow players to capture and share video highlights of gameplay. These video clips can then reportedly be sent to friends through social networks like Ustream, YouTube, and Facebook.

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According to Polygon's sources, the next Xbox will capture and record gameplay in the same way that a DVR would, allowing users to go back and pick out desirable pieces of footage. This function can reportedly be turned on or off and can even be set to automatically record when specific in-game events take place, like headshots.

The PS4 asset sharing features are made possible through the DualShock 4's "Share" button, though Polygon's sources had no indication of how such an offering might work on the next Xbox. Details are still being considered and finalized, they said.

The site's sources have also indicated that Microsoft will retool the Achievement system for the next Xbox, allowing developers to add more achievements to a game after launch without the need for downloadable content.

"This is designed specifically to allow developers to tweak player behavior, perhaps urging players to check out specific areas of a game or get past a difficult spot," the site reports. "Next-gen achievements can also be tied to broader events, like a weekend challenge or a communal goal, like contributing a set number of kills to the bigger goal of 10,000 kills over one weekend."

Lastly, Polygon's sources added to others in saying that the next Xbox will feature some sort of an always-online requirement. This feature is aimed at supporting the "suite of non-gaming entertainment" applications that will reportedly launch with the console and also as an anti-piracy measure. Ultimately, however, the decision to require an Internet connection will be left up to individual publishers, the sources said.

A Microsoft representative told GameSpot, "We're excited to share more about the new generation of games, TV, and entertainment on May 21, but have nothing further to share at this time."

Microsoft announced this week that it will hold a press event on May 21 at the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington to "give you a real taste of the future."

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