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Xbox 360 workers threaten mass suicide in China - Report

WantChina Times and Gameplanet are reporting that some 300 Foxconn employees working on Microsoft's Xbox 360 manufacturing line threatened suicide after the corporation denied a promised compensation package.


Foxconn--one of the world's largest contract manufacturers of electronic components and products for companies like Apple, Dell, HP, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft--has once again come under fire over poor working conditions at one of its Chinese factories.

According to a WantChina Times report, around 300 employees at the Foxconn Technology Park in Wuhan, China, (reportedly working on the Xbox 360 manufacturing line) threatened a mass suicide from the building's roof last week after Foxconn refused to pay out compensation packages it had previously promised.

A group of Chinese workers on the Xbox 360 manufacturing line have threatened mass suicide over pay disputes.
A group of Chinese workers on the Xbox 360 manufacturing line have threatened mass suicide over pay disputes.

Citing Chinese antigovernment website China Jasmine Revolution, WantChina Times reports that the Foxconn employees first asked for a raise, which was refused, before being told they had a choice between continuing work at the current pay rate or quitting their positions and receiving a compensation package.

According to the report, Foxconn terminated the promised agreement when most of the employees chose the compensation package.

The workers climbed onto the building's roof and threatened to jump in protest but were reportedly dissuaded from the suicide attempt by the mayor of Wuhan.

Microsoft has since issued the following statement to media in response to the reports:

"Microsoft takes working conditions in the factories that manufacture its products very seriously, and we are currently investigating this issue."

"We have a stringent Vendor Code of Conduct that spells out our expectations, and we monitor working conditions closely on an ongoing basis and address issues as they emerge. Microsoft is committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers employed by our vendors, and to ensuring conformance with Microsoft policy."

Foxconn made international headlines in 2010 after 18 employees attempted suicide, and 14 died in protest over poor working conditions and low wages throughout Foxconn's factories in China.

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