Xbox 360 tops charts as US game sales drop 1% in July - NPD

Microsoft's console beats Wii and DS during virtually flat month; NCAA Football 11, Crackdown 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 head up software top 10.


Many analysts predicting another steep decline in July US game industry sales got a pleasant surprise today, when NPD reported that revenues were virtually flat year-over-year. For the period running from July 4 to July 31, combined US sales of non-PC game software, hardware, and accessories sank just 1 percent to $846.5 million.

The new slimline Xbox 360 is outshining its bigger brother at retail.
The new slimline Xbox 360 is outshining its bigger brother at retail.

The most robust sector was hardware, which actually saw a 12 percent increase versus the same reporting period last year, with a total of $313.8 million worth of consoles and handhelds sold. Unlike in virtually every other month since Halo 3 launched in September 2007, the Xbox 360 was the top-selling platform, with 443,500 units sold.

The introduction of the slimline Xbox 360--and the discounting of the older 360 models by $50--was a major factor in its sales surge, allowing it to beat the DS's 398,400-unit haul and the Wii's 253,900-unit total. In fourth was the PlayStation 3 with 214,500 units, followed by the PSP with just 84,000 units.

Meanwhile, software sales were down 8 percent to $403.3 million for July. NPD's top 10 was dominated by Electronic Arts' NCAA Football 11, which took first place on the 360 with 368,000 units and second on the PS3 with 298,800 units. The 360-exclusive Crackdown 2 came in third with 208,800 units, followed by returning Wii favorite Super Mario Galaxy 2 with 193,000 units. Rounding out the top five was Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 with 141,700 units.

EA's NCAA Football 11 was the top scorer in July.
EA's NCAA Football 11 was the top scorer in July.

NPD no longer provides figures for the bottom half of its monthly top 10 chart, but the 360 edition of Red Dead Redemption managed to lasso sixth place, followed by the Wii iteration of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. In seventh was Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DS), followed by New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the 360.


Games: $$846.5 million (-1%)
Hardware: $313.8 million (+12%)
Software: $403.3 million (-8%)
Accessories: $129.3 million (-2%)

Xbox 360: 443,500
DS: 398,400
Wii: 253,900
PlayStation 3: 214,500
PSP: 84,000

Title / Platform / Publisher / Release Date / Units sold
1. NCAA Football 11 / 360 / Electronic Arts / July-10 / 368,000
2. NCAA Football 11 / PS3/ Electronic Arts / July-10 / 298,800
3. Crackdown 2 / 360 / Microsoft/ July-10 / 208,800
4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 / Wii / Nintendo / May-10 / 193,000
5. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 / DS / Warner Bros. / Jun-10 / 141,700
6. Red Dead Redemption / 360 / Take-Two / May-10 /
7. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 / Wii / Warner Bros. / Jun-10
8. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies / DS / Square Enix / July-10
9. New Super Mario Bros. Wii / Wii / Nintendo / Nov-09
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / 360 / Activision / Nov-09

Source: The NPD Group

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I buy a new Xbox, come home, walk in through the door and drop it on the ground. I'm glad GAME honoured the warranty on it haha

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i'm happy to be part of the 443,500 360 owners :)

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congrats, M$. ^_^

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Its simple.. with no money spent in games due to low software launch month, money is saved for that so long wanted system...

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What an exciting piece of newzzz....zzz...zzz...zzz..zzz...zzz..zzz

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i love playing all gaming console's the first nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64, nintendo gamecube, nintendo wii, playstation one, playstation 2, playstation 3, the first x box and x box360 all three of these companies have given me alot of entertainment. each company is going to at some point do better then the other everybody can't finsh first place sony has been on top for so long with ps1, ps2, now the nintendo wii is in first place if you wanna compare number the wii has outsold both the ps3 and x box360 if the nintendo wii in the beginning introduce a high def wii they would have probadly sold double the amount sold today! so is the nintendo wii better then the ps3 and x box360 because it has clearly outsold the two many will say no!!! the fact is it's cheaper unemployed families could afford this system just like the x box360 the base model is $200.00 dollars thats why there numbers are better peroid the ps3 started off wrong introuding the ps3 at $599.99 and $499.99 many consumer flocked to the cheaper system h*** i did'nt by one untill it drop to $299.99 and for some thats to high when you can get a x bo360 for $200.00 dollars the games are $65 with taxes times are hard for alot of people all i'm saying don't get to caught up on number if you look at it that way nintendo wii is the champ the sell's prove it

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@jb9776 Yup, I am an old school gamer myself. Started in 1984. Got my first atari. Made friends with people that had other systems like nintendo and sega. We had a blast then and did feel like an "odd" bunch. But we didn't care. We loved gaming. That's what we did. We were happy to even have choices. We played anything that we felt was at the time FUN! I think the problem is people now are just too spoiled. Or maybe butt hurt because they don't like the company or what they did (And it probably wasn't intentional to hurt you or even directed to you). I would like to know why people have soo much hate for a company that gives people entertainment? I mean they don't have to do this. I know I am grateful for this. I guess thats what separates old school from new school with the exception of a few new school gamers who still follow the ways of the old school.

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Modern Warfare 2 still selling ??? Forget selling, it still appears in the top ten games list. Looks like there's a serious shortage of new games !!!

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@ebookerd1 Wow I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.....very nice comment.

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first off ima die hard gamer i play them all what's up with this fanboy gamer crap you guys act like you share stocks with ms crazy fanboys get a life

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I could see how Xbox 360 could topped DS and Wii but I'm still impressed it beat PS3 too. Since Nintendo already announced the 3DS it's assume that gamers are now saving their money for the new handheld instead of buying any leftovers of the DS lite, DSi, and DSi XL. As for Wii, I'm sure almost every homes today should have at least one or two of them by now not to mention Nintendo already mention the successor too so most of them probably might wait for that news too.

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the reign continues bravo mr x360 am say it again the x360 shall top the charts for the foreseeable future with Reach, Kinet and Gears comming soon, ofcoz i may be wrong it may top the charts for ever from this point on

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JangoF-76: the only people who should care about sales statistics are the CEO's of Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo. It's interesting info, but other than that what difference does it really make to us gamers that one console sold more than another? None at all. ============================ It mattered to me back in 2007. The PS3 was the only console that I could afford. At the time the format war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray was even. I knew that if the XBOX 360 maintained its lead and if the HD DVD format had won, I would have a 500 dollar paper weight in my living room. Fortunately for me, the Blu-Ray format won and the PS3 managed to survive. Now that all three consoles have established themselves this generation, and I own them all, I can breathe a little easier.

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@salarianchemist while i agree that alot of people should not thumbs down someone for stating an opinion, i think you bring it on yourself sometimes. I have been reading articles on this site for a couple years now and every time i see a comment by you or some other people the comments often times say how great xbox is and how bad sony is. Even when sony does good some people have to come on here to bash them and remind others how great xbox is, so you know what happens? some people dont even read the comments, whenever they see your name come up they just thumb it down. It would help if you kept an open mind when talking about games, not everything about xbox is good not everything about ps3 is bad and vice versa. You cant come on here and constantly say bad things about one console or another and then complain when no one listens to you! Now pesonally i dont care; i think this whole business about consoles is awful silly.

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@SuperYeti22, I know where you are coming from. An excellent gamer with the screen name of Torque203 wrote a very nice reply to a comment written by me. This is what Torque203 wrote: "@Salarian Chemist, When I read your comment it's so perfectly written and its point so well proven. And the fact that you have a picture of a Salarian plus your name, that when I read it I pretend its a Salarian voice in my head." Torque203 ended up having that incredibly nice and friendly comment closed due to the fact that a bunch of selfish people (fanboys) gave his comment thumbs-down because he agreed with what I had to say. For the record, here is the comment I had written that Torque203 and so many others agreed with: "Xbox 360 outsold the Wii for the second month in a row, and the third time in 2010. What is even more impressive is the way Xbox 360 completely dominated these hardware sales -- outselling the PS3 by over a 2:1 ratio for the second month in a row. Considering the Xbox 360 still has the most anticipated game of 2010 -- Halo: Reach -- and the launch of Kinect, in addition to the exclusive launch of Call of Duty maps, it appears Xbox 360 will dominate the sales charts for the second half of the year and be the overall sales champ of 2010 by a very wide margin. Crackdown 2 is also an excellent game that has pleased virtually everyone who enjoyed the first game. It was no surprise to see Crackdown 2 in the Top 10 sales charts. Red Dead Redemption is also a game that I wasn't surprised to see on the sales charts for Xbox 360, since I see people playing it every time I'm on Xbox Live." Obviously the comment I wrote above is based entirely on business statistics, sales data, and theories based on facts. If someone wanted debate with me, I would be glad to hear what anyone else had to say. But when someone else (Torque203) compliments my comment and the grammar I used to write it, and then receives thumbs-down for being such a nice guy, I believe that is crossing the line and shows just how many fanboys there are that take things "personally" and are sore losers. Finally, due to the fact that Torque203 is such an excellent sport and a nice guy who is very intelligent, I have decided to make him an Honorary Salarian. Salarians are the most intelligent race of aliens in the galaxy, and I believe Torque203 will make an excellent Salarian. Consequently I have this to say: @Torque203 You are now an Honorary Salarian! I would appreciate thumbs-up for this comment, in honor of the excellent person Torque203

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Im glad I own both PS3 and 360. Love playing Halo 3(Reach soon) Gears 2 (3 soon) Crackdown (1 NOT 2), and Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Ratchet, GoW, and Resistance,(I personally like PS3 a LOT better tho) but both consoles are awesome! :D BTW: @ My last comment, appearantly 10 people are 360 fanboys who got extremely butthurt because I said that the PS3 SOLD more and that i liked the PS3 better in my f***ing OPINION! And since I pointed out a simple fact and spoke my brief opinion, 10 360 fanboys just HAD to thumbs down my comment to defend the 360's honor, which still isn't changing my mind and facts are still obvious.

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Just got a 360 last thursday and i'm really loving it..Now i have all 3 consoles! Wow the DS is a beast, are people buying Ds's for their dogs or what, everyone should have one by now!

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Bought my 360s in July. Good to see it's doing well. It's greatly improved.

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@EddyG0RD0 -- Ever since my PS3 died last year I bought an Xbox 360 and have been enjoying it ever since! (I didn't make that up, either.)

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@invictuslemming -- Same here, I thought hey, what a reasonable deal, so I picked up the new Xbox 360 and no problems!! I was surprised!

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I'm one of those that picked up the new 360, the built in WiFi card did it for me in the end. Happy with both my consoles PS3 gets my movies and driving games (Have a logitech G25 steering wheel). 360 gets my shooters, happy with both consoles

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this gen I have played and preferred my PS3 most, but the 360 is still essential. As for the Wii, I have bought and sold 3 to date, to play 4 specific games - Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Zelda and A Boy & His Blob... don't own one now again, I wouldn't play it anyway, it always gathered dust in between those few games. I'm sure there are a few more decent games on the Wii, I just haven't personally wanted to play any more...

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tell me how could i trust microsoft or sony their both phony aint lookin at for a homie so they can bl88 wii and moneys short both companys stink like a corpse with each verse it gets worse from 50 to a 60 dollar curse sucky games like call of duty unworthy of attention and to pay so much for live and wanna boost the cost dont even try itll be the last time i buy whats a lie i hope ya fry like tony hawk games sad but know u know y realeased week after week it looks like games like that will never reach their peek but i ill guess its for the best money hungry dont even test the quest for chips is a mess can stay with the best atlast your outta gas like dreamcast. rip dc

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Too bad that doesn't change the 360 from being the PIECE OF CRAP that it is. I have went through FIVE 360s, FIVE!! The system has more problems and defects than it has games. 360s are that awesome

Avatar image for SuperYeti22

I personally like the PS3 a lot better, but I do like the 360, and this is good news for Microsoft. But MS still has some catching-up to do. According to VGChartz(dot)com (as of December 27th 2009 - August 7th 2010), the PS3 is ahead of the 360 in sales by 800,000 units. The 360 leads in sales in the US and UK, but the PS3 leads in Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandanavia, Australia, and many other countries. Good luck MS and Sony, may the best console-maker win! ;)

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Why do people buy NCAA Football ? Why dont they just wait one more month for Madden?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@King Gamer19 That's absurd. Especially considering that the best selling brand of cars in the United States is Toyota. Gamers cling to this idea that buying a Microsoft console is "supporting an American company" when they outsource so much of their operations to India and China, that very little of your money stays in the US. Gamers, like all consumers, will "go cheap" and buy what their friends are buying.

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@robayeit If you're still using the price as the reason in 2010, then you're just making excuses. The price is competitive with the 360 "elite" models, and you're not being nickeled and dimed into buying everything you SHOULD be getting. Very simply; I don't want to say gamers can't think for themsevles, but they are EASILY influenced. They will buy whatever their friends are buying. They are also prone to what I call "gamer logic", an irrational thought process that justifys the illogical and paradoxical. Why else would many keep getting their 360's fixed after breaking down multiple times. If you really want a PS3 you'll buy one, unless of course you let GameSpot and everyone else make that descision for you.

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Systems are still selling

Avatar image for ebookerd1

Screw all the flame wars. A real question would be "Why the hell are people purchasing lego Harry Potter?" WTF is goin on in gamming?????

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@edwise18 If you were being realistic as opposed to being a fanboy, you would know that price is a factor and price alone doesn't determine the outcome. With that said, you are also insulting the people's intelligence. People are not as dumb as you make them to be. They know what's hot and they know exactly what it is that they want even if they don't surf game sites like you and I. Your statement is just another cheapshot at trying to undermine the success of 360. "Oh, it's definitely not the games, it's the price."

Avatar image for JAB991

I'm glad that DQIX charted

Avatar image for nparks

On a percentage change basis (vs. July 2009): XB360: +119% DS: -26% Wii: +0.5% PS3: +76% PSP: -32% Those are pretty big drops for both mobile platforms, maybe people saving up for the 3DS. Big jumps for both "hardcore" consoles with Wii sales flat.

Avatar image for edwise18

@robyeit I agree. What most people notice is the price, they don't care about it's features or specs. When they see two similar systems and one (xbox 360) is priced considerably less, than chances are they're going to pick up the cheaper system. I've already said, that I predict the 360 is going to outsell the ps3, (and maybe even the wii) this holiday season, the key is price, and that's just a fact. The stand alone 360 slim arcade version coming out soon will sell like hot cakes reportedly with a price tag of less than $199. I'm not being a fan boy, as I own both a PS3 and a 360, I'm just being realistic. PS3 without a price cut will have a tough time.

Avatar image for Pangamaster

Hardwares up yay! and the cure for games, software, and accessories is gonna probably pop up in sept/novemnber. hopefully things get better and people keep buying games!

Avatar image for JangoF-76

PS, the only people who should care about sales statistics are the CEO's of Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo. It's interesting info, but other than that what difference does it really make to us gamers that one console sold more than another? None at all.

Avatar image for JangoF-76

(sigh)...and cue the fanboys. Seriously what are you people whining about? Whichever console you have, what does it matter as long as YOU are happy with it? Constantly going on about how much better PS3 is than X360 (and vice versa) just sounds like you're trying to convince yourself. It's kinda sad. Get over it, go play the games you love, and don't concern yourselves with what anyone else thinks.

Avatar image for lowkey254

I don't know what the big deal is. I have my PS3 and my 360. How they sell doesn't matter to me, unless they were being compared to SEGA which is a definite sign of death. So although I've read the article, it was a waste of my time.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

after my first 360 died i bought a PS3 and i like it more than 360 now

Avatar image for robayeit

There is 1 thing preventing the PS3 from selling higher than what it is, its the price, its what persuaded me to get a 360, plus i prefer the pad layout for a 360, but thats for another dicussion

Avatar image for TheEroica

360 beat the bag off the DS? holy bananas batman! Good for MS. They've shown this gen that they can take chances and still maintain a clear path to a successful console.

Avatar image for zzamaro

good to see good sales for all companies i have a PS3 and I don't understand why people are whinning, ps3 rarely has beaten the X360 in the USA anyway, that didn't affect on this vacation, I spend my time playing games for all my consoles and I'm happy with that, still need to play more because this vacation is almost over :(

Avatar image for WilliamSmith45

PS3 is still King. I switched to PS3 back in May. Why would i want 2 pay $50 a year when i can play MP for free on PS3. PS3 is the far better console. It does everything. PS3 have a 1% failure rate, 360 has a 75% failure including the new Slim. I have seen the Slims RROD on Youtube.