Xbox 360 slim confirmed?

E3 2010: Apparent leaked ads show new 250GB, Wi-Fi-capable slimline model of Microsoft's console, promise compatibility with Kinect motion-sensing system.

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It looks like the eagle-eyed readers at NeoGAF may have spoiled one of the big surprises Microsoft was holding in store for its press briefing tomorrow morning. The widely read forums of the gaming site unearthed an Italian advertisement (pictured) showing what appears to be the rumored new slimline model of Microsoft's console, the first models of which were introduced in 2005.

What's Italian for
What's Italian for "Whoops!"?

Though its size is unclear, the new Xbox 360 appears to have a reworked cooling system, judging by its large ventilation slits. A second ad also promises that, as rumored, it will have a 250GB hard drive and will be compatible with Kinect, the camera-based motion-sensing system formerly known as Project Natal. Due out this October, the system was officially unveiled earlier tonight as part of a Cirque du Soleil-headlined event leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Though Microsoft has not officially commented on the leaked banner ads, the second ad says that the system will have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Current Xbox 360 models require a peripheral for wireless connections, unlike their rivals the Wii and PlayStation 3, which both have Wi-Fi out of the box.

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