Xbox 360 March US sales hit 261,000

Microsoft reveals aging console the top-selling platform in United States last month; total platform spend hits $402 million.


Microsoft sold 261,000 Xbox 360 units in the United States during March, the company announced today, citing data from the NPD Group. The platform was the top-selling console in the region during the month and has been the top US performer for 27 straight months.

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Total retail spend on the Xbox 360 (hardware, software, and accessories) came in at $402 million, the most for any console in the US.

Life-to-date Xbox 360 worldwide sales currently sit at 77.2 million. Microsoft said earlier today that it sold 1.3 million systems during the past three months and reiterated that Xbox Live membership stands at 46 million.

Sony and Nintendo have not announced sales for their platforms. The NPD Group will announce full March sales later today.

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