Xbox 360 Homefront update mobilizes, DLC en route

THQ rolls out fixes for game freezes and hitching, multiplayer connectivity; Microsoft's console getting premium add-on first June 7.


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Belying initial investor panic, Homefront has proven to be a noticeable success for THQ and developer Kaos Studios, as the game has shipped more than 2.6 million units. Those who have bought the game will be pleased to know that more content for the military shooter is on the way, by way of free updates and downloadable content.

Today, THQ announced that a title update for the Xbox 360 version of Homefront is now available, bringing with it fixes to the game as well as new abilities. Of those updates, Kaos has addressed "game freeze and hitching, max ping limits for server connections, party connectivity, and beacon errors," to name a few.

War continues to wage on the Homefront.
War continues to wage on the Homefront.

The title update also includes a number of additions to in-game abilities, the full details of which can be found below.

[UPDATE] Responding to a request for comment, THQ said that a PS3 version of the update has been delayed by the PlayStation Network outage saga. "Title update was created for the PS3 but due to the recent PSN network issues, the release of the update has been delayed," the representative told GameSpot. "[The PC version] had a patch addressing different issues, released yesterday."

On June 7, THQ will roll out Homefront's first DLC, the Fire Sale map pack. Available first for Xbox 360 gamers, the map pack will include two new competitive multiplayer arenas that are set deep within America's ruins. Pricing information has not yet been announced. Accompanying the release of that map pack will be a free download of the 870 express shotgun, as well as a gratis Homefront Xbox 360 theme.

For more information, check out GameSpot's review of Homefront.

Ability Pack updates:
Ice Cold: Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors
Situational Awareness: Enemy gamertag appears when shot
EMP Tactician: Deal more damage vs. EMP'd vehicles
Short Fuse: Reduced cook time on frag grenades
Bomb Suit: Take less damage from explosives

Xbox 360 title update fixes:
Assist points for vehicle kills
Rank resets
Game returns to MP menu instead of main menu after leaving a match
Max ping limits for server connections (prevent connections to distant servers)
Game freeze and hitching
Joining friends feature
Beacon errors
Party connectivity
Various other fixes

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