Xbox 360 goes for a Test Drive

Atari steers Test Drive Unlimited onto Microsoft's next-generation console; racer brings cars and motorcycles online.


Atari has announced its first next-generation game for the Xbox 360. Test Drive Unlimited is currently being developed by Eden Games, which brought V-Rally 3 to multiple consoles. Atari hasn’t announced a release date for the game.

The game puts a new spin on the racing genre, asking players to custom-create a character at the onset of the game. After choosing facial features and some clothes, the character will head to his house, where he can check out messages from other users or download new content.

On the road, gamers can choose from a variety of cars or motorcycles (which numbers around 150) from real manufacturers such as Ducati, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. The vehicles will burn rubber around 1,000 miles of roads on the Hawaiian islands, as they compete in races or complete missions. Each car can be customized with aftermarket parts and cosmetic upgrades.

Test Drive Unlimited will also make full use of Xbox Live, with matchmaking, car clubs, and online trading of cars and parts.

For more information on Test Drive Unlimited, wheel over to GameSpot's recent first look at the game.

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