Xbox 360 game prices falling

Electronic Arts trims the cost of admission for a handful of games, Ubisoft and THQ lower one game apiece to $40.


With $59.99 price tags being the standard for next-generation games and the cost of the systems themselves going through the roof, penny-pinching gamers will no doubt be happy to see that what goes up can still come down. While Xbox 360 games like Rockstar's Table Tennis and Koei's Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires are being released for under $40, many of their once full-priced competitors are joining them in the low end of the system's pricing spectrum.

Electronic Arts has reduced the prices of the Xbox 360 launch titles Madden NFL 06, NBA Live 06, FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 at its official online store. All of those titles, as well as the more recently released Burnout Revenge, have been marked down to $39.95.

EA isn't the only company cutting costs for consumers. THQ's The Outfit is now being offered from the publisher's Web site for $39.99, and Ubisoft is selling Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie for $39.99 at its own online store.

All of these price cuts are also being mirrored on a number of retail Web sites.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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When I buy a game. How much does the developer have to pay the XBOX franchise?

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To my knowledge the price of next gen software titles from PS3 will cost $59.99. Currently BD-R and BD-RW formats are priced at $19.99 (go check amazon) also you can pre-order PS3 games from ebgames for the price of $59.99. There are two pages of listed games, its documented proof PS3 titles won't go beyond $59.99 unless Sony says otherwise.

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man, and i just bought Table tennis... o well

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yes... now no more very expensive means more money for me.

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is this gonna be how the old gen greatest hits was 20 bucks.

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"this will probably help, especially when ps3 games start coming out for $65+" You're right, chris. I'm rather curious about why there hasn't been talk of PS3 games being more than $59.99 due to the cost of Blu-ray media... If a blank disc is $30-40 and movies retail for $40-50 then the games will certainly cost more. Maybe as high as $70... " You guys forget that the PS3 can read DVD aswell, Im sure they will only put games on Blue Ray if they need to.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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After getting used to buying new and used games at 20$ or less It's just painfull (at least for my wallet) to get a new 60$ game. But 40$ for Revenge... my wallet can handle that.

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Sweet...Burnout Revenge for 40 bucks! I think I might just head on down to Wally world and pick it up. FREAKIN SWEET!

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well, Burnout Revenge will soon be gotten now that the price has dropped.

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Great news for 360 owners :)

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It's just their way of doing a greatest hits without stating it as a greatest hits, haha

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Soon the 360 games will be in the bargain bin alongside the xbox games. When the PS3 comes out, it will be lights out (again) for microsoft.

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Hurray for lower prices making games more accessable to poor college students! Too bad not a single title mentioned in this article has me interested... Although I am angry that I paid not ten but $20 more for the 360 version of X-Men III... If I had known that I probably would have gotten the regualr Xbox version since the game's lackluster presentation doesn't justify its price... and why is Tomb Raider Legends for the PC $20 less than the 360? Somehow I think there's some serious price gauging going on here... Still TR at least ended up being fun, X-men could have used some more poish as it was too short, and there's no excuse for its still cut scenes. It was obvious that it cost next to nothing to make this game, so why, exactly was it $60?

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Microsoft wants that Bunty should buy X360 but I dont want it yet!

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It's about time. Here in Canada Xbox 360 games are roughly $70 without taxes.

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Yum prices dropping for 360 games is sweet.

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"this will probably help, especially when ps3 games start coming out for $65+" You're right, chris. I'm rather curious about why there hasn't been talk of PS3 games being more than $59.99 due to the cost of Blu-ray media... If a blank disc is $30-40 and movies retail for $40-50 then the games will certainly cost more. Maybe as high as $70...

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In Tesco all prices for 360 games are under

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this will probably help, especially when ps3 games start coming out for $65+

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Table Tennis is definetly no a cheap/weak budget game. I dont know why they did it, many will think its a stupid game like Dynasty Warroirs 5 Empires. Hey, where is Oblivion? Or GRAW?

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Yeah, I bought "Burnout: Revenge" because of this. It's nice. Tecmo really needs to drop the price on "Dead or Alive 4", though. It's not like DOA4 is $60 worth of deep, perplexing combat nuances or anything. Plus it was a much-lauded title and one of the few available for a while; I'm sure they've made their money back on it by now.

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Wow, the outfit's price sure dropped quick

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this is really good news! :D but can't wait til ps3 is released :P then the games will be even lower that will be awesome!! :D or is it just the console price?

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This happens every gen when a new system launches, when the XBOX launched there were still PS2 launch games selling for $110AUD. It's also funny hearing you Americans complaining about paying $60 for a game when we have been paying $100AUD= $75 US for new release games last gen and now for the 360 the games are selling up to $120AUD= $90 US Although the first party Microsoft games only cost $100

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that pisses me off so much. i just got fifa. o well

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Why is this news? When games get old their price does down.

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Well, this is because these games have been released for a while. Not much of a price drop. More of a greatest hits type thing.

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well thats good

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Like I said last year on another board..... I'm betting microsoft is gonna price drop and halo3 release on PS3 opening day..........I personally think they'd be foolish not to.

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YES!!! More 360 gaming for me!

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yea me too i am a money driven whore and this sounds ok

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I am a poor person. That's why I don't hate EA any more.

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Next Gen games should be Current Gen prices, it would sell more. Example I downloaded Tomb Raider: Legend demo on my 360 then when it was release I bought it for the PS2 on sale for 40 bucks new. I hope your reading this Microsoft.

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SWEET!! This is great (Thank God for the power of competition). Now i know for sure that Sony wont be the dominant force it was in the coming console war, they were stupid from the start to force this expensive machine unto the market. Such a stupid mistake to make on their part, I mean for the past 2 generations they dominated with a console that was not the most powerful out there. Dont they see that the most expensive consoles in the past have not dominated (actually they all flopped). I'm not saying that Sony will definately flop but I'm sure that they wont be number one this time around.

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I will admit when I saw a couple of these games at my local Best Buy store this week I automatically picked them up. I would be fine with the 49.95 range for the majority of the games. I have to admit that the $59.95 price point has forced me to be more picky about which games I buy. Where as when they were $39.95 to $49.95 I could let a B- to C game slide on previous consoles and buy it for full price. Now if it doesn't look or feel next-gen or at least score an A++ to a B++ or Maybe B- I'm not paying $59.95 for it. I look at games like I do most achievements. If you put your all into developing a good game and it's a really good game or even really fun game then it is possibly worth my money. I Don't care for mediocrity; it's too highly over rated and taken as a rule of thumb for many.

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sweet mother of Jesus games that are not being bought up are being sold at a lower price, this is clearly earrth shattering news. Now, I wonder when the anti-Christ will make his apperance because something of this magnitude could not happen unless it was the end of the world!!!

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Definitely some good news. Now I can finally pick up Burnout.

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yes !!! good for me $59 has been killing me I only have 12 games so far for the 360 now I can get more

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How is paying $40.00 for a older game good news? It's still not worth it.

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Go get Burnout guys, its totally awsome.

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Nice ...good sign

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this was going that happen sooner or later.

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this is the best news all day.

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oh wow look rubbish from EA is getting cheaper. Dreamcast.

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This is a good break. At least EA has some prices falling. Hopefully other companies will follow this example.

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reece590, are out of ur mind? just tell me? who told u that PS3 games are gonna be 80$? oh u dreamed about it? then it'S okay cause they arent going to be more than 60$. Period