Xbox 360 game prices falling

Electronic Arts trims the cost of admission for a handful of games, Ubisoft and THQ lower one game apiece to $40.


With $59.99 price tags being the standard for next-generation games and the cost of the systems themselves going through the roof, penny-pinching gamers will no doubt be happy to see that what goes up can still come down. While Xbox 360 games like Rockstar's Table Tennis and Koei's Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires are being released for under $40, many of their once full-priced competitors are joining them in the low end of the system's pricing spectrum.

Electronic Arts has reduced the prices of the Xbox 360 launch titles Madden NFL 06, NBA Live 06, FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 at its official online store. All of those titles, as well as the more recently released Burnout Revenge, have been marked down to $39.95.

EA isn't the only company cutting costs for consumers. THQ's The Outfit is now being offered from the publisher's Web site for $39.99, and Ubisoft is selling Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie for $39.99 at its own online store.

All of these price cuts are also being mirrored on a number of retail Web sites.

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