Xbox 360 Cloud Saves Will Soon Be Free, So You Can Transfer Them To Series X/S

Microsoft is dropping the Xbox Live Gold requirement soon.


As part of Microsoft's statement regarding backwards compatibility support for Xbox Series X, the company also shared a piece of news about cloud saves for Xbox 360.

Starting soon, people who are still playing on Xbox 360 will be able to use cloud saves at no extra cost. Currently, cloud saves are locked behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall, but Microsoft is removing this fee in the lead-up to the next-gen launch. This is meant to help people feel more comfortable about upgrading to the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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As announced previously, the Xbox Series X and S consoles will support thousands of Xbox games dating back to the original Xbox and covering Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well. Games purchased digitally on previous-generation hardware will automatically show up on Xbox Series X/S if you decide to buy either system, while you can also insert an OG Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One disc into the Xbox Series X and then install the game to play that way. The Xbox Series S has no disc drive.

"Preserving the games of our past is fundamental to our DNA at Xbox and our continued promise to you," Xbox's Peggy Lo said in a statement. "Backward compatibility lets you experience your cherished gaming memories again and in new ways. Your favorite games retain everything the original developer intended, while experiencing enhancements and exciting new features. There’s no need to look back, because your games are ready to move forward with you to the next generation of Xbox."

Microsoft has also detailed how upscaling, additional performance, and Auto HDR will be applied to backwards-compatible titles.

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