Xbox 360 blitzes Europe

Microsoft touts day-one sellouts as new console sweeps the continent, promises more 360s to arrive before Christmas.


For all the differences people may have in color, culture, or creed, there's a certain amount of comfort to be found this holiday season in the knowledge that regardless of who we are or how different we may seem, none of us can find an Xbox 360 on store shelves.

Microsoft celebrated the second of five announced worldwide 360 launches on Friday, and today the company is chalking it up as a resounding success, claiming day-one sellouts throughout the region.

"Xbox 360 sales have been tremendous this weekend" said Lisa Morgan, UK managing director of the specialty retailer GAME. "We have sold out almost all of our initial allocation over the weekend, and have seen great sales on games and accessories too."

Chart Track is reporting the 360 as the fastest-selling home console ever in the UK, beating out the previous holder of that distinction, Nintendo's GameCube. Of the region's 15 launch titles, 10 were in the top 40 list of UK game sales across all formats. Premium editions of the console outsold the core version 2 to 1.

Microsoft is reporting its trio of launch games--Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Kameo: Elements of Power--as top-selling titles, along with FIFA: Road to the World Cup, Call of Duty 2, and Peter Jackson's King Kong. On the accessory side, the company says gamers snatched up its wireless networking adapter, wireless controllers, and replacement faceplates in high numbers.

For consumers who weren't able to get their hands on one of the consoles, Microsoft is promising to have more 360s in stores by Christmas, citing its desire to ship 3 million consoles worldwide in the system's first 90 days.

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Why is everyone going nuts over an average system is my question. The only impressive looking game is PGR3 and possibly PDZ but even PDZ could prolly have been made for the original Xbox. I'm just glad that I stopped believing the hype after i played the thing. It is a nice system, it just doesn't do anything my xbox already can do pretty much. Also shame on EA and Activision you both deserve to sell horribly when you dont put much effort into the next-gen edition. Its just too bad that people are stupid...

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Microsoft an american company should have atleast made enough units for the americans here who were promised units upon launch and didn't get them way before trying to please Foreigners, Good Lookin Out Bill!

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SECOND SHIPMENT IS IN U.S.! Picked up mine today at gamestop!

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Why is the title of the article "Xbox 360 blitzes Europe" when all it mentions is Britain, shouldn't it be Xbox 360 blitzes Britain or could have at least mentioned it sold out elsewhere in Europe as I'm sure it did.

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its funny that they "sold out" everywhere when most the places got like 10 consoles in all i mean what a SELL OUT WOW think about though in my town o f 35,000 there were less than 50 conoles sold thats not impressive 2 me, also i'd like 2 say i'm reserving 10 ps3's so i can sell 9 for the profit hahaha suckers

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Iam really lucky cus i gt one here in the Uk from and it came on release date, but the only problem is the DVD drive was jamed so i took the faceplate of and pulled on the disc tray and it opened, ifound out that part of the inside metal case of the xbox 360 had bent during shipping and was stopping the drive from opening and closing. Anyway i got a knife and bent the metal back into the origianal place, perfectly (more by luck than judgment!) i was so relieved to have it back working pefectly IT ROCKS.

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I got one... And it doesnt work : S

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Hopefully the Europeans will take MS's promise of more 360's in stores by Christmas with a grain of salt.

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hee-haw! I got one and you-oo-oo don't! Feels good to have one of the fabled devices--but crikey--I can't open it till Christmas because it supposed to be a "surprise" from my wife . . . man, I wanna sneak it open!

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I'm waiting for better - PS3 and don't need Xbox360 even for free ;) !!! And if i have x360 for free - i'l sell it! Mwahahaha!!!

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its cool

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Can't wait till it launches here in Australia.

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Sony will fail.......

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Even with the demand so high, right now the 360 doesnt seem to be worth my money. It might be worth your money, because you probably have more than I, but for me $400 is not worth buying something that allows me to do what I have been doing for over 3 years (but with better graphics obviously). Please don't get upset, I'm not saying that the 360 is bad, or overpriced, I am simply saying that the 360 improves upon an already-awesome console, just not to the degree that I would pay $400 for. For those of you who have the money and can afford it, go ahead and buy one (even though its hard to find); for those of us who don't have that sort of money, I suggest waiting for the prices to come down and for other next-gen consoles to come out.

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I wonder if it will be the same in Australia, lol, I live the secound lowers down *Tasmania*, then New Zealand, Then Atarctica. I can pre order now... hmmm it gets here like the same day the ReVoLuTiOn is shown at the Kodak Theatre

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i find the title of this article quite inappropriate. Maybe the 360 will "Napalm Vietnam" when it arrives there.

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Until Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon come out, I see no reason for me to get a 360. :P In the mean time, I'll stick with my DS, PS2, and GCN.

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Why would you want a system that thrashes your gamedisks and overheats anyway. Im just gonna enjoy my ps2 and pc for a while, see everyone freak about the ps3 and revolution, and somewhere beginning 2007 I'm gonna buy me a nice system without bugs and many games to chose from.

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I would very much like to have distribution numbers compared to the Gamecube as mentioned. I do not believe this is a shortage related to MS: more likely the freakin EBAY-ers buying several. There was a little old lady in Tampa that had 100 of them and selling them over the radio. However, the distribution numbers would have given me enough facts in the matter.

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... gamecube was the fastest selling console in UK until now? news to me ^^ the world of gaming is growing, so it's only natural that sales grow as well, too bad microsoft didn't see it coming or saw it coming and decided a shortage would be good advertising... people always want things they can't get, more than what they have. :p

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I knew the first shipment would sell out in the USA, also the same for the U.K. They are shipping 1 mil to Japan. That won't sell out there...So we the other will get a piece of We hope.

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FIFA: Road ot the World Cup its supposed to be to. Anyways MS needs to ship faster.

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They sold out of their allocation; you mean all 10 systems in each store sold? Claiming a sell-out isn't especially impressive when you've barely got any made as it is. And that's exactly why there is this "shortage".... so they can make that claim.

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I think that it is ridiculous how people are buying two or 3 to sell on eBay, while many people can't even get one. Sharks............. I would wait and look too see the numbers for January, when they are readily available, before making any comments on how good the product sells.

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Literally, there were'nt enough 360 shipped so don't take it as a compliment Lemmings.

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I feel like Microsoft is happy with all the people going nuts trying to find a system. I think there using it as free advertisment for there system. I have heard more people talk about how hard it is getting one then actually seeing commercials on tv for it. Its really messed up, this is why Bill Gates is the Devil. Its all planned out, first its xbox then your souls. Resist and get away from this system from hell. Its very bad stuff, stay away.... You have been warned.

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"We have sold out almost all of our initial allocation over the weekend" LMAO. That's because Microsoft supplied 2 consoles to every game shop in Britain. /sarcasm

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more sold that the Gamecube? and people in Europe complain about the shortage? if they sold more than their previous #1 in Europe, that means that they had to have made more. so stop complaining that you guys got the short end.

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haha those piled up xboxes in sweden are the communities xboxs, lol @ you commies.

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ROFL! Keep the fun stuff going. just have to ask this..... Who in his/her right mind is going to buy a Xbox 360 from E-bay for $500+? You must be some kinda crazy fool to buy something for this kinda pricetag. Or is the Xbox 360 made from gold or laced with diamants? Oh well..... HAVE FUN!

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yup all 15 sent to the UK have been sold. Lets hope the 10 sent to Japan do just as well!!

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This is pure bullsh*t from Microsoft. I live in Sweden, and just at the local video game store, there's like tons of Xbox 360's, stacked on top of each other. And this goes for almost every nook and crannie here in Sweden, there are still lots of 360's left. Don't get all excited over there in America, Microsoft is just pulling your leg, trying to indoctrinate you by telling media that it's sold out everywhere. It's just an elaborate scheme, they're trying to hype the hell out of it. And oh yeah, by the way; Sweden got like 500 Xbox 360's. And they're not even sold out yet. That's how good it's selling over here.

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People really need to stop complaining about not gettign one, im disappointed that i dont have one either but as far as i can tell microsoft never garunteed me one even though i had it pre-ordered. They really are just a business and dont have to do whatever an individual wants. They will make money regardless of what any of us say and they really could care less. Cruel world I know but what can you do?

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Lies!!! Where are the weekly shipments?Bah!!

Avatar image for snuffles10155

I got one on launch in december here in the Uk , :):):):)

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It still will be until next year before I even see some on selves at stores where I live

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Yeah Xbox 360 is cool i don't got one yet but a friend of me got one and the games for it i think are very cool

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OMG i didnt get my 360 but i hope i will get it in the next shipment (have it pre-ordered)

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Um, I don't think congrats are in order for being sold out and causing more demand in the process when they made such an inadequate supply for all global markets apparently. Sounds kind of cheap to me. Oh well, at least the console is on its way up!

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Hmm unsurprising really, almost every new console that is released is the same way. Its not until the others come out and you can compare titles and such, that you know you were really lucky to be the first to get one, or an idiot for being hasty.

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damn you >_

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ha i have one and you dont

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I don't get why they're bragging so much about being able to have this worldwide launch. I seems like in every region they launch more people are left out in the cold and disappointed. Yet all of M$'s PR people talk like they're breaking some kind of world record. It seems to me like the only record they'll break might be a record for most disappointed kids on Christmas morning.

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Good for MS on being able to keep the promise of a world wide launch in so short of a time. But I woulden't be claiming the sellouts if I were them.

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Yep, too bad they can't get more consoles out here in the US.

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I agree. I'm going to try and get another one On December 18th when Best Buy gets more, and put it up on Ebay. I imagine within a week and a half of xmas, prices will be even more outrageous than they are today.

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good for m$, the 360 is great!