Xbox 360 accessorized by Intec

Miami-based company will put stand, TFT screens, and more on shelves November 4--the date the company claims the console will go on sale.

more screens (7)
more screens (7)

Intec, a manufacturer of gaming accessories based out of Miami, Florida, today announced its Xbox 360 product lineup. While many gamers will be interested in what things they'll be able to pimp out their Xbox 360s with, it's one particular sentence that will pique most gamers' interest. According to a release from the company, these accessories will be available on November 4, "the expected launch date for Xbox 360."

When reached for comment about the claim by Intec, Microsoft representatives told GameSpot, "Microsoft has made no official announcements regarding the release date for the Xbox 360. We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

Among the products that will be available on November 4 are TFT screens for portable gaming in both 8-inch ($169) and 9.2-inch ($199) models. For more sedentary gamers, there will also be an A/V selector and storage unit, which permits gamers to easily select between systems and store various accessories. Intec will also provide a vertical stand ($19.99), a travel case ($39.99), a 10-disc aluminum case ($14.99), and a vertical 10-game holder ($14.99).

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