XBLA sale knocks 50% off SSFII HD Remix, South Park

Rocket Riot, Lumines Live, Defense Grid, Mad Tracks, Age of Booty, Schizoid, and Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 all half off; Track & Field discounted by 40%.

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Given that it's April 1st, many game companies are playing April Fools' pranks by posting fictional items. Not Microsoft. Today, director of Xbox Live programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced that Microsoft is lopping half the price off nine Xbox Live Arcade titles through April 7. A 10th will be discounted by 40 percent.

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix is 53% off until April 7.
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix is 53% off until April 7.

The titles on sale range the gamut from Capcom's retro-redux Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, now 560 Microsoft Points ($7), to DoubleSix's South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play, now 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Other titles cheapened by 50 percent include Hidden Path's Defense Grid, LOAD Inc.'s Mad Tracks, Certain Affinity's Age of Booty, and Codeglue's Rocket Riot. Q Entertainment's Lumines Live, which was criticized for being overpriced when released, also got a half-off haircut and now costs just MSP400 ($5). A full list of discounted games with links to Xbox Live Marketplace is below.


Regular Price

Discounted Price


South Park 800 400 50%
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560 53%
Defense Grid 800 400 50%
Rocket Riot 800 400 50%
Mad Tracks 800 400 50%
Track & Field 400 240 40%
Lumines Live 800 400 50%
Age of Booty 800 400 50%
Schizoid 800 400 50%
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400 50%

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