XBLA, PSN carve out Thanksgiving sales

Downloadable services dropping prices for US holiday weekend, offering Rez HD, Echochrome, Catan, and more at a discount.


In the US, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, the starting gun for the holiday-shopping season that often sees retailers offering high-ticket items at absurdly low prices. But gamers won't need to camp out overnight for a deal; Microsoft and Sony are both discounting some high-profile releases on their respective downloadable-game services.

Until next Thursday, PlayStation 3 gamers can pick up The Last Guy, PixelJunk Eden, Echochrome, Novastrike, and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 for the reduced price of $4.99 each. All five of those games sold for $9.99 upon their original releases on the PlayStation Network.

Microsoft has a wider array of content on sale, but its Xbox Live Marketplace Black Friday promotion also has a few more strings attached. From Friday morning through Sunday evening, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get deals on a variety of Live Arcade games and premium downloadable content.

On the XBLA side, a slate of games going for 800 Microsoft points ($10) will be available for 500 Microsoft points ($6.25). Those include Rez HD, Catan, Arkadian Warriors, Brain Challenge, Boogie Bunnies, and Golf: Tee it Up! On top of that, Assault Heroes will be discounted from its 400 Microsoft point ($5) price to 250 Microsoft points ($3.12).

Some of the more notable downloadable content on sale includes the full Metallica Death Magnetic album for Guitar Hero III/World Tour. Ordinarily selling for 1,440 Microsoft points ($18), the record will instead fetch 1,000 Microsoft points ($12.50). The Crackdown Getting Busy bonus pack is also getting cheaper, given that the 800 Microsoft point ($10) add-on is temporarily being cut to 500 Microsoft points ($6.25).

Forza, Rock Band, and Lips will have one discounted download each, whereas themes for Sonic Unleashed, Castle Crashers, and Gears of War 2 will be cut from 250 Microsoft points ($3.12) to 180 ($2.25).

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5$ games rooool! The last guy is a steal at 5 bones, and so is elephunk for its two player 'Jenga' mode [makes a great drinking game kids!]

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Such A Deal!

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in other good black friday news, I was using the netflix feature and it appears something has been worked out between Microsoft and Netflix and Sony over the streaming of Sony movies onto the X360, and it's working now, so either a deal was made or it was a fluke the content made it out

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Not really interested in any of these.

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None of them aren't that appealing though...

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Echochrome here i cum...

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does the PS2 USB Rez Vibrator work with the XBox 360 Arcade version?

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Thanks for sharing these temporary cuts with the europeans... Insular crap continues

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Microsoft aren't being dirtbags Generic_Dude. Its a benefit for Gold Subscribers. And to be honest i don't know many if any Silver Members who are connected to Xbox Live. MightyMuna not all themes require paying for them. There are many free ones but at the current moment there are no free Premium ones which are compatible with the New Xbox Experience.

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Gold Members only? Hey, let's all be thankful for corporate greed! Thanks for lowering the bar AGAIN, Microsoft, you dirtbag fatcats!

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damn, I cant believe you have to pay for themes on XBL. What a rip-off.

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Settlers was a fun game...wish they had included the expansion content though.

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I very much doubt these discounts will be in Australia, but I think I will check and grab Rez while it's cheap even if I'm unlikely to play it for a while. Assault Heroes is a steal, I'm pretty sure I got that for 800 points originally and it was definitely worth it.

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i hope they do something like this in the UK too .. but for everyone not just the goldies

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Still wont buy them.

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Everyone should get Catan. That was a great game...especially over Xbox LIVE.

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@ctg867 Rez HD for the 360 is the best game listed in this article.

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now I'll d/l the Death Magnetic album. I'm still upset that we don't have option to purchase single tracks for some packs in GH, unlike RB where that option is always available.

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some good deals on both systems

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I guess this will a perfect opportunity for me to finally get Rez. Down with procrastination!

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Go 360!

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Wow, Microsoft continues to be stingy with the DLC. Sony is doing a huge fan service by dropping the price on three amazing games by half: Last Guy, Pixel Junk Eden, and Echochrome. But on the 360 side, all the $10 games they dropped the price on suck (see: none of them are good), except for Assault Heroes. And on the DLC front, the fact that DLC like the Crackdown pack isn't free by now is just stupid, but when they discount it, they can't even do us a favor and put it to an even $5, since that's all they sell their point cards in: $5 increments. And for the themes?... Don't even get me started. They charge more then $3 for handful of jpeg images, and they have the balls to discount them at a still ridiculous price "temporarily". If you are really gonna be that cheap and charge for something so stupid, they shouldn't be more then $1 a piece. Simple as that. Moral of the story, BUY LAST GUY, EDEN, AND ECHOCHROME, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING ON THE 360 SIDE (unless it's Assault Heroes or te Death Magnetic album). You'd be a complete idiot not to get at least one, if not two or all three. I own Eden, and I really enjoyed playing Last guy and Echochrome. I'll be picking up both tomorrow.

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Wow a $3.75 savings! Now that's a Black Friday deal worth talking about >_>

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hmmm maybe ill get The Last Guy played the demo and it was pretty fun

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I didn't like The Last Guy at first but it grew on me over time, Echochrome though was pretty cool and worth $5, Rez HD is also really cool, but a good thing I held out on Brain Challenge, I almost downloaded it the other day, now I can get it cheaper :D

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Yay! Now where's the good games that are getting discounts?

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death magnetic here i come ^_^

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i still think they shouldhave put more things on sale,Like things people actually WANT.

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Would be nice for an NXE polish patch along with the price cuts.

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That's pretty cool. Looking to get a new Gears of War 2 theme.

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themes on the xbox costs $3.12 r u serious?

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That's really sweet. I'll pick up a few of those on sale!

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All i want is Castle Crashers and SFIIHD for $10 and I'll be happy

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Meh, none of those are really interesting to begin with. PSN needs to add some older ps1 titles like FFT and Metal Gear solid. People would buy those.