XBL Wednesdays: Gyruss, MiniGolf

Microsoft steps it up with two Xbox Live Arcade games this week: the arcade classic Gyruss, Sierra Online's 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures.


Guess which game this one is. Guess!
Guess which game this one is. Guess!

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays have generally been easy on the pocketbook, giving gamers one offering almost every week. However, this Wednesday, Xbox 360 owners will have two games trying to pry Microsoft points out of their hands.

Gyruss, originally released in the arcades in the 1980s by Konami, will be available for 400 Microsoft points ($5). Described as a "tube shooter" like its arcade cousin Tempest, Gyruss sees gamers piloting a spaceship and blasting away enemies and space debris. The XBLA version features 23 levels and split-screen cooperative and versus modes.

Also teed up for the week is Sierra Online's 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures for 800 Microsoft points ($10). As its title suggests, the game features putt-putt challenges across 36 holes and four-person multiplayer support over Xbox Live. Among the courses featured in the game are links designed under carnival, Old West, and outer space themes.

Both games will be ready for download April 18 at 2 a.m. PDT.

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