XBL trailers: Mass Effect, Lost Planet out now

[UPDATE] X06 walk-through trailer of Bioware's action RPG and "Theater" trailer of Capcom's sci-fi shooter now available; Mass Effect trailer now on GameSpot.


Following just behind the latest trailer for Halo 3, which was released on Monday, a few new trailers for another pair of highly anticipated games are invading Xbox Live Marketplace.

Now available on Microsoft's online service is the "Theater" trailer for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the upcoming sci-fi shooter from Capcom. The 60-second trailer shows the snowy setting of the game and a large battle between opposing forces, and it features the tagline "Blood runs cold."

Fans of Mass Effect will be happy to know that a new trailer of the supersecret action role-playing game will be released this Friday, according to Chris Priestly, community coordinator at BioWare. In a post on the game's official forums, he says that after a long time coming, the X06 walk-through trailer will appear on both Xbox Live Marketplace and the BioWare Web site.

Priestly goes on to detail some of the trailer's contents in a separate post. "You will be seeing the video that was shown at X06 almost in its entirety, with only a very little filler material removed." He also says the X06 demos, which were given independently to media outlets, ran about 20 minutes long with pauses in action and replaying certain scenes. However, he did not give any indication how long the Xbox Live Marketplace trailer would be.

[UPDATE] The Mass Effect walkthrough trailer is now available to view on GameSpot, and clocks in at almost five-and-a-half minutes long.

Lost Planet is due in stores January 12. Mass Effect will be released sometime in 2007.

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