XBL gets Rumble Roses demo, Perfect Dark maps

Xbox 360 owners can now sample Konami's all-girl grappler, beef up multiplayer level selection in Rare's launch first-person shooter.


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A pair of new offerings has gone up on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, as Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced on his blog that a demo for Rumble Roses XX has gone up, alongside the belated Perfect Dark Zero Map Pack #1.

The Perfect Dark Zero maps were prematurely announced as being available last week. Now that it's up for real, it includes four new multiplayer maps: Plaza, Trench, Rooftops, and Gas Plant, and sells for 500 Marketplace points ($6.25).

As for Rumble Roses XX, this sequel to the original PlayStation 2 all-female wrestling game was released in March. The game introduces tag-team wrestling to the series, as well as online multiplayer matches. For more on these games, check out GameSpot's final reviews of Perfect Dark Zero and Rumble Roses XX.

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People are still playing PDZ and the new maps. :)

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It about $1.50 a map but that ok. The new maps look great.

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Ooh hey these are good maps

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hi this is wanderful game i like it

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Got the new PDZ maps yesterday.

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rumble roses demo played.....1 word YUK!...really, this is old-gen gameplay.

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The RR XX demo is another example of companies not helping the user at all with the controls. I played for like 10 minutes and had no fricken clue what the controls were. Lots of demos don't give you any clue what the control layout is and you have to stumble around trying to figure it out. I haven't played other wrestling games so no help there. I shouldn't have to download a guide just to know what buttons to push to try a demo. ARG!! Speaking of pushing buttons. They were smart to include a sample of what the photo session mode would be like along with the wrestling. Let's be honest, the kind of gamer who is going to buy this game IS interested in the photo mode.

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It was all good

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Wow. Rumble Roses XX is worse than I thought! The women are just ugly (I like the one with black hair the most) and the gameplay is sticky-icky (not in the good way)... New maps for PDZ is sweet, but I hate PDZ :lol:

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PDZ is still one awesome FPS. Of course, ppl are still playing it! Can't wait to try the RRXX demo and see what these perverted designers came up with. Some of the wrestling moves look crazy also.

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How are the new maps for PDZ for anyone whose downloaded them? IGN has impressions on the maps and everything, go check it out if you're interested.

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LOL people still play PDZ?

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rumble roses is fun, but they really do push the sex appeal to a heavy level of perversion... oh well... can't say i'm gonna complain, but still... and YAY, new maps for pdz!

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rrxx is a good game not the best but its good enough and pdz is great and the maps makes it better

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blackIceJoe you do know it took just as long for the Halo 2 maps to get done right? Plus the price ain't bad considering the Halo 2 maps were 2 for 6 bucks. But they did become free (i hope bungie does that again). They are good maps, but they totally said they were bringing a free map and bots yet they brought the bots with this content, so where is the free map?

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Dang I was hoping these maps were going to be free. Oh well.

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Nice, new maps. Sounds like a plus.

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Rare & Micro$oft Rocks It Good Too On a XBox360 ^_^

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The maps arent pricy buddy have u seen the Halo 2 maps. Lol

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New maps for PDZ . . .and it only took >6 months . . .*sarcastic*

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sweet i just wanta download the RR XX demo cause my parents wouldnt even let me rent this game lol and i have been wanting some next gen wrestling...only if i could trade the cheap girls for good gameplay

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PDZ maps thatz KickA$$!!

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when will the maps become free?

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downloading the demo as wee speake but the maps i will finnally have to buy points cause i just entered a clan and they will probably be using the new maps

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it's aboput time

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Those maps are kind of pricey. Oh well.

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Now to download them both.

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New PDZ maps....shibby

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Wow those maps are expensive. I just wish you didn't have to buy points and just pay the amount needed but it works fine with this sort of purchase but not the oblivion stuff. You have to spend 6 dollars to get something for 2...

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thats like more than a dollar a map.

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Can't wait for the PDZ maps. It sure took them a long time to make them.

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WoW! Additions that aren't just maps!

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nice! going to download the maps now

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downloading rumble roses right now. I know its not supposed to be amazing, but ladies wrestling? I'm in!

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The new PDZ maps do offer diversity and the RRXX demo is okay, true that it is focused way heavily on submissions. Controls similar to the Smackdown's games but mapped differently, which took some time to get used to if you're familiar with the Smackdown controls.

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well rumble roses wasn't that good but only 3 maps it looks like?