X2: The Threat gets update

Patch for Egosoft's space simulation adds a bevy of new features and fixes, available on GameSpot DLX tomorrow.


German developer Egosoft announced that it will be releasing a substantial patch for its space simulation X2: The Threat tomorrow. X2 is an open-ended simulation in the same vein as Privateer or Elite. It lets players build their own trading empires while taking on a more combat-oriented role as a military commander. Among the major additions to the game in the patch are player-operated docks, a new Xenon invasion mission, the ability to capture alien ships, and a new "artificial life" engine that makes the gameworld more dynamic and lifelike. The patch also changes some ship specifications and fixes some bugs and gameplay issues. GameSpot DLX users can reserve the patch today for automatic delivery or check the X2 downloads page tomorrow.

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