X06: PGR4 pulled out of garage

Sequel to Xbox 360 launch title announced at Microsoft's X06 event in Barcelona; details on speedy racer are scarce as Peter Moore shows just a single trailer.


"For the first time ever, Project Gotham Racing 4." Those were the words uttered by Peter Moore at Microsoft's press event at X06 today. While the fact that PGR4 was in the works wasn't a surprise, the fact that it was announced this soon was. Project Gotham Racing 3 was released for the Xbox 360's launch, less than a year ago last November.

There weren't any concrete details released on the game, but Microsoft did present PGR4's first trailer. The video showed a Ferrari tearing through an unidentified wire-frame city, causing distortion in its wake.

PGR3 wrench monkeys Bizarre Entertainment are currently working on the follow-up. No further details were released on Project Gotham Racing 4.

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