X05: Chromehounds Updated Hands-On

Sega and From Software show off an updated version of the upcoming mech game for the Xbox 360.



AMSTERDAM--We had the chance to have another go at Chromehounds, Sega and From Software's upcoming mech game for the Xbox 360. The game was very close to what was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show and offered a multiplayer experience for up to six players. Though there wasn't much new since the last time we saw it, we hopped in for a few matches for some fun.

The demo on display featured a limited number of mechs to choose from, which amounted to a small fraction of the final, massive array of custom mechs available in the game. Sega smartly kept the multiplayer demo simple, leaning toward the type of gameplay that anyone piloting a massive mech would want. Once all involved selected their rides, the match began, which consisted of opposing teams blowing the crap out of each other repeatedly.

The simple action and the destructible backgrounds give the game a visceral appeal that's hard to resist. You can blow up the environment around you effectively, thanks to a high level of interactivity. Despite the game's incomplete state, there were already a good number of special effects on hand to show off the assorted weapons on the mechs and their destructive impact on your surroundings. The mechs themselves are detailed and animate smoothly, which shows off their intricate, high-polygon construction.

Though there wasn't anything new on display, we still had a good time with Chromehounds. The game looks good and has promising gameplay that we hope is fleshed out even more in future versions. Chromehounds is currently slated to ship next year for the Xbox 360. Look for more on the game in the coming months.

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