X-Men Legends now in stores

The action RPG based on Marvel's legendary characters is now available at retail.


X-Men Legends, the action role-playing game that allows players to control a custom team of X-Men characters, has shipped to retail and is currently available in stores, publisher Activision has announced. Developed by Raven Software, X-Men Legends is one of the few RPGs ever created using characters from the Marvel universe. Players will be able to choose from 15 different X-Men while working through the game's storyline, which was written by former X-Men comic story writers.

For each of the game's missions, players will choose from characters such as Wolverine, Gambit, and Storm, customizing their abilities and unlocking new superpowers as they battle in destructible 3D stages, set in locations from the X-Men comics. A four-player cooperative mode complements the game's single-player adventure.

Carrying a "T" for Teen rating, the $49.99 X-Men Legends is available now for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. Read GameSpot's reviewof the PS2 version for more info.

$22.95 on Walmart

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