X-Men: Legends mutates onto N-Gage

Mutant heroes get their due on Nokia's portable; action RPG features wireless multiplayer mode.


Nokia today announced the release of X-Men: Legends for the N-Gage. The title is the portable version of the well-received multiconsole title of the same name. X-Men Legends allows gamers to assume the role of a character from one of Marvel Comic's most popular franchises, the misunderstood and maligned mutants known as the X-Men. In the story, Professor Xavier brings on a new member of the crew, Magma. Of course, supervillain Magneto wants to get his hands on her, and it's up to Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, and the rest of the X-Men team to protect her. Gamers will be able to customize their hero through the game's role-playing elements and even combat Magneto's minions with three friends in the multiplayer mode via the Bluetooth wireless capability. For more information on X-Men: Legends, read GameSpot's full review, which was posted today.

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