X-Men Legends II Character Spotlight: Iceman

Things get chilly when we take a look at the X-Men's "coolest" member: Iceman.


X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Their genus is homo, their species superior--but most folks simply refer to them as mutants. They are the next stage in human evolution, and, though they often look just like everyday people, they are born with strange and wonderful powers that make them feared and hated by many.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is the second Activision action/role-playing game starring that wily team of mutant heroes, the X-Men. In the second game in the series, the X-Men, led by the world's most powerful psychic, Professor Charles Xavier, form an unlikely partnership with the Brotherhood, a group of evil mutants led by Xavier's nemesis, Magneto. The two teams' fragile partnership is based on a common enemy--the crazed Apocalypse, who is hell-bent on either enslaving or destroying the world, whichever comes first.


In our third character spotlight for X-Men Legends II, we sneak a peek at everybody's favorite frozen fiend-basher, Iceman.

Real Name: Bobby Drake
First Appearance: Ultimate X-Men #1

Bio: Bobby Drake was just your normal, everyday kid living in the suburbs of New York City, until the mutant-hunting Sentinels came to town and began tearing up the city in a bid to take him--and his newly active X-Factor gene--out for good. Thanks to some timely help from Professor Xavier's X-Men, Drake was rescued and brought to Professor X's Westchester academy, where he lived the relatively normal life of a teenager while learning to harness his powerful mutant abilities.

Keeping things cool is Iceman's specialty.
Keeping things cool is Iceman's specialty.

As his name implies, Iceman is all about putting the chill on foes, using his powerful array of ice-based attacks. Shooting ice from his fingertips is just the start for Iceman--he can also slow down enemies with a single blow, giving the other members of his team plenty of time to run up and deal some heavy damage. He can also conjure razor-sharp ice spikes at the end of his fists to deal extra damage to foes who make the mistake of getting to close. Iceman is one of the more mobile X-Men in XML II--his ability to create slippery ice slides at will makes it tough for the bad guys to draw a bead on him when he's busy sliding out of harm's way. To see more of Iceman and his frosty attacks, visit our media page, where you can see an official character-spotlight movie.

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