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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Star Explains How Major Death Affects His Character

Warning, spoilers for Dark Phoenix ahead.


While traditionally, blockbuster sequels tend to keep major spoilers like character deaths a secret, the cast of Dark Phoenix has no problem discussing a major death in the upcoming movie. During an interview, Nicholas Hoult was open about how said character's death affect his role of Beast. Warning, there are spoilers for the movie ahead.

During an interview at Wondercon, the cast of Dark Phoenix were open to discussing that a major character will die in the movie. Hoult, who has played Beast in all four of the new X-Men movies, starting with First Class, explained how the death of Mystique affects his character. "[Director Simon Kinberg] told everyone that Raven dies, and that's the relationship that's been culminating in these last few movies for the Beast role," Hoult explained at a roundtable interview. "So that was obviously an emotional moment. And the catalyst for Hank to depart being with Charles and the X-Men and seek redemption and revenge in different forms. So emotionally, this film's rooted in much more realistic, family drama and that's what makes it different from the other X-Men movies in some ways."

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Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique will meet her fate in Dark Phoenix, which has been hinted at in previous trailers. However, back in February, Kinberg told EW that she would be dying in this latest installment. Like Hoult, Lawrence has been a staple of this franchise since 2011's First Class as both friend and foe to Charles Xavier. However, in trailers for Dark Phoenix, Mystique seems to have taken on a leadership role on the team, as a mentor to younger mutants. It won't go well for her though, as Jean Grey accidentally kills her while fighting with the Dark Phoenix force raging inside of her.

While Dark Phoenix is set to hit theaters on June 7, it's had a few bumps along the way. Originally set to premiere in November 2018, it was pushed back to February 2019, then again to its June release date. Both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants--another fox X-Men movie--had reshoots last year, but at least Dark Phoenix is coming out. There is no word yet on when New Mutants will be released, if at all, even though it was originally slated to come out a year ago.

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