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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is A Movie About Addiction, According To Sophie Turner

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be in theaters on June 7.

While it may be the last film of the current X-Men movie franchise, Dark Phoenix is also shaping up to be the absolute darkest chapter of the series yet. What's worse, it could be something the mutant superheroes will never recover from. The following contains spoilers for Dark Phoenix.

Already in the latest trailer for the movie--and cast interviews that followed--it has been revealed that this movie will see the death of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) at the hands of a Phoenix Force-powered Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). As shown in clips from the movie screened for fans at WonderCon, this event drives a wedge between the X-Men, leading to Beast (Nicholas Hoult) quitting the team and siding with Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

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With the X-Men's family dynamic in shambles, Turner mentioned a very interesting touchstone for the story's inspiration. "One of the things we kind of looked at as a reference was addiction and how that can affect, you know, not only the person who's struggling with it but the people around them and the family unit and the friends," she said during a group interview at WonderCon. "And that's kind of what happens to the X-Men--some people, you know, they can't handle [Jean Grey], they don't understand her, so they abandoned her. And others, you know, seek to kind of find the Jean that they knew before all of this. It's very real, and I think it will resonate with a lot of people."

As for who will be the threat trying to keep the X-Men together, it may come from a surprising place. While you might expect Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) to be the voice of reason, it could end up falling on Storm's (Alexandra Shipp) shoulders. "I think that what you'll see with Storm is that she's not afraid to speak her mind and she's really trying to keep everyone together," the actress teased. "She's still that person who's trying to keep everyone together."

If the WonderCon footage is an indication, though, any hope of that might be lost. In one clip, Beast and Magneto are determined to kill Jean, while others on the team are convinced she can still be saved. What follows is a brutal war between mutants in New York City that sees them unleashing their powers against each other.

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Whether the team, and Jean herself, can be saved remains to be seen. With no announced continuation of the franchise announced, beyond New Mutants, this could be the last dance for the X-Men as fans of the movies know them. As director Simon Kinberg previously explained, he does believe Dark Phoenix gives some level of closure to the franchise.

You'll have to wait until Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7 to find out whether that closure is a happy ending.

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